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Author Topic: Youth of the Galaxy  (Read 2297 times)

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Youth of the Galaxy
« on: 13 January 2009 02:36 AM »
This is a parody of Youth of the Nation by P.O.D. This is set in the STO era. Things may be revealed to be wrong in updates & gameplay. I figure the tone fits.

We are, we are, the youth of the Galaxy...

A part of me died that day,
In the ash and mud of the city.
My entire family dead in an instant.
By leaders consumed by fear and ambition.

Somehow I survived,
As anarchy reigned in Cardassia.
The old men want to go back.
The young men want to go farther back.

Hebetian relics were unearthed,
Ancient orders were ressurected.
I joined the order of the Love & War Goddess.
Yet old wounds still reside.

Some Bajoran woman entered,
Asking for sanctuary.
Her people's grudge is the source of our problems.
I wanted to fight, but they held me back.

We are, we are, the Youth of the Galaxy...

There was a girl born in space,
Two parents of good race and class.
She went to Earth.
Yet space is the place of her heart.

Her father said no,
But her heart said yes.

It was a decision to change her life,
As a mercenary she felt alive for the first time.
So many problems buried in the name of perfection.
Wishing she was born on Bajor or Cardassia.

No one told her of the price,
Of living such an exciting life.
Maybe she had second thoughts,
Before she picked up that fateful knife?

We are, we are, the Youth of the Galaxy...

There was a boy who dreamed of battle,
As all boys do in the Klingon Empire.
Glad they can finally do what an Empire does:

He dreamt of human heads,
Of songs devoted to Kahless.
They shall write me songs.
I shall star in an opera.

Like did he know,
His dreams would come true.
The Klingon Empire has never needed a draft.
He leaped at his destiny.

The ship flew like phoenix,
The sensors scrambled and all went dark.
Our boy knew no fear,
Yet by friendly fire he was fated to die.

We are, we are, the Youth of the Galaxy...

A hybrid has the most horrid of fates,
This kid wishes he hadn't been born.
Half-Romulan, half-human.
It's been a fight since his birth.

At a distance being admired,
Up close being scorned.
If his Romulan mother only knew...
Heaven Bless her soul.

Who knew one of Tellus' Line,
Would be fighting destiny?
He doesn't know what he wants...
Though money is the obvious lie.

Let the Vulcans talk about peace,
This boy is lucky if his mind will stay in one piece.
Perhaps in distance space he'll find his place.
He wants to die in glory, no room for disgrace!

We are, we are, the Youth of the Galaxy.
Time is the fire in which we burn. -Gene Roddenberry

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Re: Youth of the Galaxy
« Reply #1 on: 13 January 2009 09:38 AM »
Hehe I love it!