Holoprogram Complete: 29/09/2010

Posted on September 29th, 2010 by Zach Nicodemous

Holoprogram Complete is a new bi-weekly summary which will seek out all Star Trek Gaming News from the previous week and summarise it in one each to access Holoprogram, so without further ado, Computer, Run Program!


Star Trek: Excalibur has released a new Q&A session video from their Excalibur Conference a couple of months ago. The Question and Answer session includes answers to several pressing community issues and is most definetly a worth-while viewing experience.

Check it out on their YouTube channel or watch it below!


New Patch for Enterprise 1701 and Shuttle Simulator – For those of you who haven’t already seen this game, click this link right now – The Enterprise 1701 and Shuttle Simulator is a new 3D fan game for PC based on the open source torque engine.  A few days ago, a new patch was released for this game – here is a note from the developer about what is new:

– several bug fixes related to scoring, targets, etc
– additional keyboard / mouse control options (“freelook” mode available)
– improved help screens and “How To Play” info
– Colour 3D renderings of decks on the turbolift maps
– Bigger, better explosions for flying vehicles and weapons
– Klingon Battle Cruisers now fire homing torpedoes (!)
– Updated ship’s hull with more windows
– “Female Officer” class added to character selection choices
– Improved AI logic (upgraded to AI Kit v. 1.5)

To get this update, log into our members’ area, and go to the Downloads page, where you will see this patch listed at the bottom of the list. It is about a 9 megabyte download.

Download it at http://gambitrealm.com/index.php?ID=50&Lang=En


Fleet Operations 3.13 available – For those of you who missed it, Fleet Operations version 3.13 was released back in July adding several new features to the already amazing modification for Star Trek Armada 2.

When Armada 2 was released in 2001, its online playing capabilities were nothing too extraordinary for its time. However, it is remarkable that even now after nearly 10 years its online channels over at GameSpy still weren’t just turned off like it happend quite a lot with much newer game titles.

Still, the age of this service creates a few problems, usually resulting in various connection problems where players can’t join or host games, despite all firewall and router settings were set up correctly. This deteres a lot of people from playing Fleet Operations online.
Our online community began looking for alternative ways of playing with others over the internet and found not too long ago Tunngle. Tunngle is a quite new peer to peer VPN client, that allows people to meet in a lobby based chat and start games over the internet. Through some dedicated people from our online gaming community, Fleet Operations got its very own lobby in their network.

Download it on their website at http://www.fleetops.net/component/option,com_smf/Itemid,3/topic,7959.msg132247/topicseen,1/#new


In other Armada 2 news:


HD Planet Textures on the way for Bridge Commander – Being developed by Sovereign001, these new HD planet textures should look absolutely fantastic and compliment the already amazing ships, effects and starfields available in the game.

Here are some teasers:


New Bridge Commander 2 Model – For those of you keeping an eye on the development of Fan Game Bridge Commander 2, we have a new screenshot for you today – check out http://second-star-entertainment.com/e107_plugins/easygallery/gallery.php?entry=gallery/Starbase%20114.png

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