STO: Season 5 Launched, Dan Stahl Rejoins Cryptic!

Posted on December 2nd, 2011 by Zach Nicodemous

Last night, Cryptic Studios launched the most recent update for Star Trek Online:  Season 5!

The update, entitled “Call to Arms” adds a range of new missions for both the Federation and Klingon sides as well as a range of new features such as the much anticipated “Duty Officer” system.  Here is a summary of all of the new features:

  • The Duty Officer System – Since the birth of the Federation and Klingon Defense Force, there have been countless unsung heroes that work in a vessel’s lower decks. No matter which department they are in, these officers have pledged their lives to their ship and fellow crewmates. For the first time ever, as their Captain, you will actively manage their activities as you delegate their assignments aboard and away from your ship.
  • The Borg Advancement – For the past several months, Starfleet and the KDF have been confronting the Borg armada as they make their advance on the Alpha Quadrant. Recently, a Borg fleet was able to break through the Defari blockades in the Orellius Sector Block, land a probe on Defera Prime and begin assimilating its inhabitants. It is up to you to beam down and eliminate the threat of total annihilation of this important race.
  • Klingon Gameplay Updates – Season 5: Call to Arms enhances Klingon gameplay and introduces an improved way to level up your KDF warrior. Not only will your character start out as a Commander (level 21), you will experience a compelling storyline that will allow you to move more easily through the ranks by completing episodic content. It is a glorious day for battle!
  • Skills Revamp – Over the course of Season 5, the way you choose to specialize your captain will be updated. Phase One of these changes, the Space Skills Revamp, is now live and provides a clearer understanding of where to spend your Skill Points and which tree affects which innate and Bridge Officer powers.
  • Missions Revamp – Season 5 also introduces a more streamlined way to play through the game’s episodic content. Captains will utilize the completely redesigned mission journal to find the latest Starfleet or KDF assignments available, including an option to transwarp instantly to the mission’s starting planet.
  • Lore Missions – Along with the release of the Starfleet and Klingon Academy maps, an entirely new type of non-combat play is being introduced. Participate in daily events surrounding the game’s lore by venturing to these social zones and test your knowledge of the rich history behind The Path to 2409.
  • Economy Restructuring – Many of the old currencies you have come to know have been converted into a single monetary-form known as Dilithium. Whether you are playing through episodic content, participating in Duty Officer assignments, or completing daily missions, earning Dilithium will allow you to purchase upgraded equipment that can help you more easily defeat your foes and bring you the ultimate bragging rights. For the first time ever, this update is going to allow players to acquire Cryptic Points without having to spend money.

Celebrate Season 5

Season 5: Call to Arms is now live and we would like to reward all of our players who jump in to check it out with two free ships. All you have to do is log into your account, visit the C-Store and redeem these ships. Federation characters will be able to claim the TOS Enterprise, and KDF characters will be able to claim the brand-new Qorgh Refit. This promotion lasts through the entire month of December so log-in today and boldy go.

Subscription Sale

To celebrate the release of Season 5: Call to Arms, we’re having a gigantic subscription sale. From now until December 18th, take 15% off the regular 3 and 6 month subscription prices, and a full hundred dollars of the normal lifetime subscription price!

3 Month Was $41.97     Now $35.97
6 Month Was $77.94     Now $65.94
Lifetime Was $299.99  Now  $199.99

These special prices on subscriptions will continue to renew at the discounted rate automatically for as long as you remain subscribed to Star Trek Online. However, these discounted packages will only be available until December 18th, when subscription prices will return to normal. So what are you waiting for? Subscribe today!

Dan Stahl Rejoins Cryptic Studios

Several months ago, Dan Stahl announced that he was stepping down as executive producer of Star Trek Online to take a position at social-gaming specialist’s “Zynga”.

The good news is, Dan Stahl has now returned to Cryptic Studios and has taken a position as Senior Producer on the Foundry System which is used in several Cryptic Studios projects.  Here is his statement, posted to the Star Trek Online forums several hours ago:

As the snoops have deduced, yes I am back at Cryptic Studios! My time at Zynga was fun and interesting, but I really missed working with my colleagues here. There is something magical going on at Cryptic these days and I’m very happy to be back working on the MMOs that I personally love to play. Being a part of Perfect World is having such a great positive impact on this company.After talking with Jack about returning, I accepted a position as a Sr. Producer managing the Foundry (UGC) tools at Cryptic Studios. I’ve always been passionate about User Generated Content and Community Developer involvement. Whether it was community deckbuilding software at Wizards of the Coast, the Xbox Community Developer Program at Microsoft, or more recently, the Foundry on STO, I’ve been a strong believer that if you build the right tools, game developers can partner with the community to build amazing content and applications.

That is why I’m excited to be back at Cryptic working directly with the highly talented UGC team to begin working on future updates for the Foundry, especially with the development of Neverwinter which has its own deep history of User Developed Content.

Today is a great day to be back at Cryptic. Season 5 is here! Stephen D’Angelo has been doing an awesome job as EP on STO. He’s been able to rally the team to deliver on the many tasks needed for Season 5 to prepare the game for F2P. He and the STO team have been working from a solid plan and everything is on track for an awesome F2P launch. For those who have been asking, I’m in full support of the changes that have been made in Season 5 as they will contribute to the continued success of STO into the future as it brings in a whole new host of players.

So big hugs to everyone in STO land. I’m happy to be back and looking forward to contributing to the future of the Foundry.

Free to Play Launches January 17th

Season 5 is the last big update to Star Trek Online before it goes free to play next month on January 17th.   This update is surely going to see a huge influx of new players into the game, so with these latest updates today, now is no doubt a good a time as any for many of you head back into the game and try out some of the cool new stuff!

Be sure to tune into the amazing talent over at Star Trek Radio whilst you play the game – check it out at

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