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Hailing Frequency is a not-for-profit podcast and news site dedicated to Star Trek Gaming, releasing podcasts dedicated to Star Trek Gaming every two weeks and maintaining a website with up to the minute news and information about all aspects of Star Trek Gaming.

In addition, we regularly attend and provide coverage of Star Trek Conventions and we have a proven history of providing interviews with Star Trek game developers, Star Trek Musicians and even Star Trek Actors.

For a detailed history of Hailing Frequency, please continue reading.


Hailing Frequency was founded in 2005 by Chris “ChessMess” Koerner of the Star Trek Gaming Universe (now closed).

Chris "ChessMess" KoernerA community leader at the time, ChessMess identified that Podcasts and Podcasting was becoming the “thing” with the first and second generations of IPOD’s being released and observed that there was not a podcast relating to Star Trek Gaming, this Hailing Frequency was born.

ChessMess operated Hailing Frequency as a solo project for the first few episodes, relasing 4 episodes of the course of 4 months in 2005, with the first and second episode being almost entirely solo and the third and fourth episodes featuring content from Zach and Kinneas. However, it was around this time that ChessMess became significantly busier in his real life and a two month period transpired with no podcasts.

It was at this time that Zach, a staff member of STGU at the time, stepped in and produced the fifth episode of Hailing Frequency in September 2005.

Zach, Executive Producer of Hailing FrequencyThis episode was a success it encouraged Zach to continue working on Hailing Frequency and he went on to produce episodes 6, 7 and 8. Each episode was better than the last as Zach got to grips with editing audio and working with sound.

Various community members also came out of the closet to send in audio content. It was in these early episodes that segments such as “The Star Trek Gaming News”, “Mod Weekly” and “Fleet Radio” were born. With this, Hailing Frequency’s character started to become truly defined and the production really started to stand out as something great.


Kinneas in Vegas 2008In Episode 8, with encouragement from Zach, Kinneas joined Hailing Frequency as a co-host after having provided Fleet Radio Segments from Episode 3 onwards. The combination of Zach and Kinneas was a run-away success and some say that this is when Hailing Frequency really became something special. This liaison also spawned an ongoing friendship between the two which remains firm, even today!

K’suan’indra also joined the team around this time to produce the Star Trek Gaming News and with the exception of Episode 10 where ChessMess made a return appearance, Hailing Frequency was effectively being run by Zach and Kinneas.


On October 22nd 2005, the first dedicated Hailing Frequency website launched at “hailingfrequency.co.uk” marking the first independent appearance of Hailing Frequency internet. The website was designed by Kinneas and Coded by Zach and it merely served as a small scale website for people to find out more about Hailing Frequency.


Daron Stinnett, Executive Producer of the 1st Star Trek OnlineIn Episode 12, Faxxer joined the Hailing Frequency team for a short run with his segment, Fleet Gossip, which focussed on the trials and tribulations of the startrekonline.net community. In Episode 15, Hailing Frequency featured the first audio interview ever to be conducted, with the then Executive Producer of Star Trek Online, Daron Stinnett.

The interview was organised by ChessMess and when the podcast was released, it became the most popular Hailing Frequency episode of the time; receiving over 50,000 downloads in the first week of release, primarily from the Star Trek Online Dev Blog.

Until this time, other Hailing Frequency Episodes had only received a combined total of 9,000 downloads.


It was around this time that Hailing Frequency and STGU parted ways. While some viewed the separation of Hailing Frequency and STGU as an opportunistic venture based on the success of the 15th Episode, it was in fact related to the fact that STGU was hosted on IGN/Gamespy Servers and as part of their Terms of Service, any content hosted on these servers potentially became the property of IGN/Gamespy.

As independent content producers, this was something we could not live with and so Hailing Frequency became its own entity, setting up a full website and launching our first dedicated forum.


In Episode 18 of Hailing Frequency, we featured our second big interview with the Executive Producers of Star Trek Legacy,Rantz Hosley, Executive Producer of Star Trek Tactical Assault and Star Trek Tactical Assault, Gary Conti and Rantz Hosley. This episode was also highly successful, receiving around 40,000 downloads in its first week and in eye ours, cemented the fact that we really had something special with Hailing Frequency and that we would be dedicated to its production for as long as possible

Episodes 20, 21 and 22 featured more interviews with Daron Stinnett, Gary Conti and Rantz Hosley, giving the community much needed insights into the development of Star Trek Online, Star Trek Legacy and Star Trek Tactical Assault and through episodes 20-30, our average download numbers per show hovered between 20,000 and 50,000 per show.


Between Episodes 25 and 29, Dr Photon joined the team for a short lived comedy segment which ended in the 2007 Christmas special.

By Episode 30, we were into 2007 and things were running normally, with more interviews conducted in Episodes 34, 35 and 36 and episodes being released on average, every two weeks. It was also around Episode 30 that Mr Juliano joined the team at the request of Zach, to produce a segment which would become known as “STO-Zone” – which was an information summary segment that featured information on Star Trek Online.


On December 25th 2007, Hailing Frequency released the first of two audio comedies – “When the Borg Assimilated Christmas” which was written by Dominic Ervolina aka Mr Juliano and which starred the entire Hailing Frequency Cast of the time.

This production was received warmly by the entire community and to date is still regarded as one of the best Hailing Frequency productions of all time.

It was around this time that Ryan L White aka Nova, started to become involved with Hailing Frequency and eventually joined the team in an official capacity as Chief Engineer and Technical Director.

The success of “When the Borg Assimilated Christmas” prompted us to produce and release a “Spring Break Special” in April 2008 which was a direct sequel to “When the Borg Assimilated Christmas. This was also written by Dominic Ervolina and involved the entire Hailing Frequency Team once again.


In November 2007, Hailing Frequency learned that Perpetual Entertainment, the producers of Star Trek Online at the time, Perpetual Entertainmentwere in financial difficulties and in January 2008, Perpetual Entertainment went bankrupt.

This led to a very rough period in the world of Star Trek Gaming as Star Trek Online appeared to be dead and Bethesda Softworks (publishers of Legacy and Tactical Assault and holders of the trek gaming license at the time) did not show any interest in producing more Star Trek Games.

Shortly after this bankruptcy announcement however, Perpetual Entertainment let it drop that the license to produce Star Trek Online had been transferred to “another San Francisco bay area development studio”.


Cryptic StudiosThis mysterious titbit of information led to Hailing Frequency beginning a detailed investigation which in early February 2008 led us directly to Cryptic Studios, who we identified as the studio who had taken over Star Trek Online.

This fact did not become public knowledge until July 2008 when Cryptic Studios hosted an event at the “Las Vegas Trek Con” where they showcased a video trailer for Star Trek Online (this video was also simulcast via the Star Trek Online Website and was watched by over a million people) and for the entire period of February 2008 until July 2008, Hailing Frequency was sworn to secrecy and kept under NDA with Cryptic Studios. (We still are under NDA in fact! Mysterious huh?!).


From April until June 2008, Hailing Frequency suffered two big losses from our creative team. The first was Croesus, who decided that it was time to hang up his gloves on Mod Weekly and ride of into the sunset. This was a big loss for us, because Croesus was a one of a kind guy who had been with us since around Episode 10 and to date, we have not been able to replace him to continue the Mod Weekly Segment

STO-ZoneThe second loss which occurred was that of Mr Juliano, who in May 2008, decided to leave us and start his own short lived podcast/online radio station entitled “STO-Zone”.

This caused somewhat of a rift between the Hailing Frequency Team and Juliano, as both parties staked a claim to the STO-Zone name, however at the time of this writing, Mr Julianos STO-Zone no longer exists and Hailing Frequency maintains use of the name with a dedicated Star Trek Online Website which was launched in May 2008.


Jack Emmert, Creative Lead at Cryptic StudiosThe Period of June until August 2008 was some big months for Hailing Frequency. In June, we launched our very first live streaming server and provided live coverage of what has since become known as the “Cryptic Countdown”.

In this 6 hours mammoth live show, we interviewed dozens of community members and even franchise legend, Rick Sternbach! This particular show also marked the first in what would become a year-long format change during which Hailing Frequency switching from pre-recorded, scripted podcasts, to live broadcast shows which much closer to a talk show format than anything we had ever done before.

In August 2008, Hailing Frequency attended the Las Vegas Convention in full force, with Tony Tuthill (Kinneas), Ryan LAthos Proposes a Toast to Hailing FrequencyWhite (Nova) and a tonne of support staff from Lotus Fleet. We were able to provide full video coverage of the Las Vegas event, conducting video interviews with Jack Emmert (Creative Director of Cryptic Studios), JR Sutich (Razor, first community manager for Star Trek Online) and a range of other staff members from Cryptic and Reverb Communications.

These interviews provided a lot of much needed information about Star Trek Online and since this time, we have maintained a close relationship with Cryptic Studios.

In addition to all of this, Las Vegas Con was also a great opportunity for us to meet up with a tonne of Hailing Frequency Fans and even better, meet some famous trek names such as Mike Okuda, the beautiful Chase Masterson, Richard Jefferies, Barry Jenner and even George Takei!!


In January 2009, launched a new Hailing Frequency Website which featured a fully custom news portal and we also interviewed Star Trek Online’s PR Lead, Nicole Hamlett which gave the entire community a rather unique look at how the PR machine works on a project with the scope of STO.


Ryan White at NY Comic Con February 2009In February 2009, we attended the New York Comic Con, where we interviewed Star Trek Online’s Executive Producer, Craig Zinkievich and provided full coverage of the Star Trek Online Booth.

In June 2009, Hailing Frequency took a seven week hiatus to revamp various aspects of the show. New music was produced to replace the old and outdated themes which had been in use since 2006 and the show returned to a pre-recorded format after running with live shows for almost a year. This switchback was based on community feedback and has been highly successful thus far. In an attempt to bridge the two paths, we decided to make our podcast recording sessions accessible to the public, every other Saturday, so that those in the community who wished to listen live, could do so in the understanding that sound effects would not be present and bloopers would be!

On August 1st 2009, we attended the New Jersey Star Trek Convention were we met a range of Hailing Frequency Fans and Star Trek Actors such as Barry Jenner who were more than happy to lend their voice talent to record bumpers for Hailing Frequency.

Through the last months of 2009, Hailing Frequency interviewed Cryptic Studios several more times as the launch date for Star Trek Online was announced as February 2010.   In the 2009 Christmas Special, Hailing Frequency hosted a round table style interview with Craig Zinkevich, Christine “Kestrel” Thompson, Dan “Gozer” Griffis and Joe “Rekhan” Blancato.


As the year 2010 arrived, hype for Star Trek Online was at an all time high.   Closed Beta was in full swing (which Hailing Frequency had been playing since August 2009) and in a rare move, Cryptic Studios lifted the closed beta Non Disclosure Agreement for Hailing Frequency, which allowed us to provide videos and screenshots from the game to the community, and host 2 special LIVE streaming editions of Hailing Frequency where we answered community questions about our experiences with Star Trek Online.

In addition, Hailing Frequency gave away over 1300 closed beta keys to members of the community thanks to a deal with the European arm of Atari, Namco Bandai.

We also hosted another interview with Executive Producer Craig Zinkevich just a few days before Star Trek Online launched.


February 2nd arrived with joy around the community as Star Trek Online finally went to retail.   Around the community, things were abuzz and Hailing Frequency’s Kinneas and Zach teamed up with Subspace Radio to broadcast a mammoth show covering the launch of Star Trek Online.

The first few months of Star Trek Online were met with some controversial opinions, as some players dubbed the game to be a shell of what it could possibly be, however as time has passed, Cryptic has been hard at work releasing season updates and patches and the game improves with every day.

In February 2010, Hailing Frequency also teamed up with Direct2Drive UK to give away several copies of the Digital Deluxe Download Edition of Star Trek Online.


Between February and June 2010, Hailing Frequency went into a reduced production mode due to real life work issues and a hefty amount of time spent inside of Star Trek Online, however a regular production schedule resumed at the end of May 2010 with the release of Episode 74, followed by a new interview with Craig Zinkevich, and Episode 75 in June 2010


In the middle of June 2010, Hailing Frequency announced its newest venture, Star Trek Online Radio, which launched at the end of June 2010.   Star Trek Online Radio is a dedicated 24/7 Star Trek Gaming Radio station primarily dedicated to Star Trek Online which also provides extended coverage of all other aspects and areas of Star Trek Gaming


Today, Hailing Frequency is the largest Star Trek Gaming fan-site on the internet and we continue to persevere and provide coverage of all Star Trek Gaming News and Events.

Podcasts are released every two or three weeks and we love what we do as much as we did when we started. Our going mission is to seek out new news and new information, to boldy go where no fansite has gone before!