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Hailing Frequency has been operating for almost 5 years and during this time, we have become the most popular and most visited Star Trek Gaming Fansite on the internet.


Our website recieves between 4 million and 7 million pageviews per month with unique hits in the range of 15,000-25,000 per month. These are quality hits from a wide ranging demographic covering 16-40 year olds in our primary markets of the UK and USA, with a significant number of hits also coming from Canada, Europe and Asia.

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Our podcast is a one to two hour production that is released a minimum of two times per month. Every podcast recieves on average, 15 to 20 thousand downloads (15,000-20,000) with more popular editions which feature interviews with industry names such as Cryptic Studios, recieving in excess of 50,000 downloads per month.

80% of our downloads come from users on I-Tunes, with around 15% coming directly from the Hailing Frequency Website and the remaining 5% from a variety of other sources.

The demographic is once again wide ranging, with our primary markets being the USA and UK with significant secondary markets in Canada, Europe and Asia.

We are currently seeking a company to represent our audio advertising interests and locate potential advertisers for our podcast.

STO Radio

We now operate a 24/7 Star Trek Online radio station.

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