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Author Topic: All Out Assault  (Read 1605 times)

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All Out Assault
« on: 21 September 2008 09:48 PM »
Not solely a Star Trek gaming fleet but a multi gaming clan. We'd love anyone interested in online gaming in general and in STO in particular to head on over to our site. We have forums and a recently formed podcast/gaming site. I'm hoping we get at least some of us into the beta when it is launched so we are ready to go when the release hits (<gasp> It's really going to happen this time)

We aren't really active in any space based gaming at the moment but our forums have enough active people you'll always find someone enthusiastic to try anything out. There's been a good response to STO news over the last few months and we have a forum section dedicated to the game.

Anyway you need to go look at - if you post in the apply section, register and say that oleum sent you, you'll get in. The private section of the forum is the place where stuff happens. is the gaming site.

I've been with this clan 6 years + now and it was formed way back in 1996. Come visit us.