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Author Topic: Aftermath Add-on Pack B is now ready for download!  (Read 1453 times)

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Aftermath Add-on Pack B is now ready for download!
« on: 09 December 2008 11:39 AM »

Aftermath Add-on Pack B is now ready for download!

The pack is alot larger than expected but it not too big of download, only 20mb. What you get is 6 lots of ship textures (4 new, 2 updated), 4 lots of maps (3 new, 1 revision) and new in-game interface elements. This pack contains some textures that are tied to the Pack A release so its best to have this installed onto an Aftermath install with Pack A already installed.

The texture work. First the two texture updates are for Pack A's Sovereign and Akira, they get new bumps. Now for all the new textures. We got a new Federation Defiant and Intrepid (Intrepid getting new bumps and specs from Max Loef and Trekky respectively), then you got the pair of Romulan ships the Warbird and Heavy Defender.

You also get the first look at how our in-game interface is starting to shape up with new phaser and photon reticles along with a new radar element too.

Now for the maps, you get 4 with 1 being a map revision. The map revision is for Tygosia, it had lighting adjustments and a few other bits of work done to it. The new maps are Ardana, Orion Nebula and Ortegga. Ardana and Orion Nebula are from Max Loef and are both 4 player maps. Ortegga is a special prototype map that supports 8 players. Ortegga will be in a future add-on pack too. All 4 maps are available in the Death Match mode.

Currently, Pack B is only available at our site but will be available at ModDB, Legacy Files and all our other affiliates over the coming week. Just head to the downloads section of the Aftermath home site to pick up Pack B. Remember no need to log in to be able to download.

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