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Author Topic: March 21st: Star Trek Excalibur Update | Sun Effects and Wolf 359 Pack  (Read 1600 times)

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[img align=right][/img] The second weekly update for Star Trek Excalibur has been posted, this time around showing off some truly awesome sun and lighting effects along with a beutifully rendered Wolf 359 Ship Pack which we are assured will be used somewhere in the Excalibur storyline which is being penned by non other than Derek Chester (writer of Star Trek Bridge Commander, Year 5 Comic Books, and more).

In the same fashion as last week, we were given two exclusive screenshots for each update, all of which can be viewed in our gallery at

Here are the updates:

Sun Effects:

As shown on the NanoFX Evolved website, Nanobyte has completed the coding for the effect, giving that cinematic feeling we all know and love to the game engine. Luiz and Mark, with some tweaking from Nano, were responsible for the GFX of the Lens Flare effect, and have done an amazing job. For those that donít know or havenít read the news update released last month on the NanoFX Evolved site, this effect will be ďcompletely scriptable; you will be able to design your own various Lens Flares via scripts such as for Suns, Quasars, or even torpedoes if you wish.

Wolf 359 Ship Pack

The Battle of Wolf 359 was one of the biggest catastrophies in Starfleet history. Out of 40 starships sent to defend Earth against the invading Borg Cube, 39 of those vessels were destroyed, and over 11,000 Starfleet personnel were lost. Starships included in this update that were in the battle against the Borg include the New-Orleans Class, Freedom Class and Cheyenne Class (both with the distinction of not having two warp nacelles like most starships), Niagara Class and Challenger Class.


Although these ships will be out of front line duty by the time of the USS Excalibur, they will still be a visible part of the diverse starfleet pedigree, adding to the immersive game play experience we intend to create.  With this in mind the vessels have more than manageable poly range of 3000 to 5000 polies and should cause little trouble for any PC.

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These look great - but if they take much longer - they might lose all their audience to STO. :startrek008: :startrek008: :startrek008:

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 Some great stuff  as usual from the Excalibur group, exellent work!   :startrek021: