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Author Topic: March 28th - Huge Excalibur Update for the Romulan Empire! 24 Screenshots!  (Read 1456 times)

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[img align=right][/img] The Star Trek Excalibur Team have posted yet another amazing update. This week they show us the secretive Romulan Star Empire.

We have been provided with six exclusive screenshots which have been added into our Star Trek Excalibur Gallery along with all other screenshots that have ever been released.

Romulan Scout & Science

The Romulan Science and Scout vessels are both canon designs seen in The Next Generation and are based around a similar hull configuration. The "Talon" scout was originally seen in the TNG episode "The Defector", as ships go this is little more than a runabout with light weapons but it is perfectly suited to discreetly scan a region of space before the rest of the fleet arrives. In a fight the scout will almost always be out gunned, however because of its small size it can out run almost any ship.

The Science vessel was seen in TNG "The Next Phase" where it is being used to test new Romulan weapons. We can assume that these vessels are quite unlike the Oberth and Nova class vessels of Starfleet in that their main function is military science rather than exploratory science, some of these vessels may well be fitted with secret technology that could tip the balance in a fight.

Romulan Raptor

The Raptor class is a mid-sized battleship based on the popular non-canon design seen in Star Trek Armada. The ship is relatively small, only 250m long, however this makes it one of the more maneuverable Romulan vessels that are intended for battle. In a fleet this vessel is more of a support for the larger and less maneuverable ships however in a head to head battle it could easily outfire an Akira class.

For Excalibur we have created two versions of this vessel, one from a period prior to The Next Generation which can be identified by its brighter colour scheme, and a later Dominion War refit which can be identified by its darker hull and additional components.

Romulan Warbird

The Romulan Warbird or Dderidex class is the dreadnaught of the Romulan fleet during the period of TNG and DS9. Measuring 1.2km in length it dwarfs almost every Starfleet vessel and it carries a payload to match, easily capable of handling most enemy vessels, as well as planetary bombardment when required.

For Excalibur we have developed three main versions of this ship to reflect its different appearances in the TV shows. Firstly we have an early varient which matches up with the vessels seen in The Next Generation, it is lighter coloured and has a more worn appearance. Next we have the Dominion War variant which is more turquoise shade and has an upgraded armament to cope with the rigours of war. Finally we have the Tal'Shiar variant, used only by the secretive organisation it will have extra weapons and gadgets to outsmart the enemy.

That is the entire update for this week, but be sure to check back next saturday for another sure to be amazing Excalibur Update.  Also keep an eye on