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Author Topic: Greetings from Gemini Fleet!  (Read 2078 times)

Offline Tryjo

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Greetings from Gemini Fleet!
« on: 28 March 2009 05:11 PM »
It's been some time since I have visited this site, but I felt the need to do so since the Gemini Fleet is going through a metamorphosis of sorts. First off, let me introduce myself... My name is Tryjo, and I am the Leader of Gemini Fleet. I assumed command of the Fleet several years ago when Admiral Morgan announced his retirement...basically I took over the hosting of the site. I have tried to maintain the original vision of the Gemini Fleet as started under Admiral Morgan, but recently it was brought to my attention that to remain viable in the community as a whole, it might be wise to deviate from our founder's plan.

The Gemini Fleet is no longer solely a STO RP Fleet. We have begun to mold ourselves to encompass a wide array of interest types to bring an appeal to a wider audience base. Not everyone likes to participate in RP; that is no longer a problem. Not everyone will be playing STO (a horrid thought); that is no longer a problem. All in all, we want to bring to the Star Trek Community a site than is fun and enjoyable on a broader spectrum. For the Star Trek Universe is so massively expansive, shouldn't this be the obvious thing to do anyway?

The overall look of the site is still generally the same, but we are working hard behind the scenes to develop a new user interface that is not only easy to use but appealing to the eyes as well. We will be implementing new content to the site to make administration easier for those who serve in administrative positions. We are currently revamping our Academy and installing a new application to provide our Cadets the best possible experience and training as possible. All in all, there is still a lot of work to be done. But, are truly great projects ever really completed?

How can I help out you might ask? Well, it is true that the Gemini Fleet needs you! There are positions always available within the Fleet, and I am sure we can find something for everyone depending on your desires and skills. We have been around since '06 and still consider ourselves a viable part of this community, but we are only as good as our membership allows us to be. I hope to see you somewhere out there, if not at the Gemini Fleet first!

Offline Hal Courtney

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Greetings from Gemini Fleet!
« Reply #1 on: 29 March 2009 12:16 PM »
Hello all! I am Admiral Hal Courtney, fleet XO of Gemini Fleet. I have lurked around these forums off and on for the past several years, and now that ST:O is finally gaining steam, I am much more excited and ready to get involved in the various communities.

Gemini Fleet is been around for several years, and had its ups and downs like most fleets, with the exception of Hailing Frequencies; this site seems to have maintained it's stamina through the many years.

Anyway, I am glad to be here and hope to speak with you all as we all prepare for the good times ahead.