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Author Topic: (Possible Movie spolier) How will this event in the new movie affect STO?  (Read 2993 times)

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* Possible Movie Spoiler*

In the upcoming Star Trek film it is widely believed that Romulus is destroyed in the late 24th century, assuming this is the case how do you think STO will approach this event?

I can appreciate that from a continuity and canon prospective the new film is more of a re-imagination rather than a direct prequel. So do you think Romulus will have been destroyed in STO and if so what will the political and economic ramifications be? Do you believe that the new movie should be discounted from original Star Trek canon?

I would prefer this thread didnít become to burdened with the canon side of things, but rather focus on a more speculative approach for instance how the loss of a significant home world would affect the dynamic of the STO universe.

post your thoughts here or join the thread on the official site:

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Romulus being Destroyed - Hmnnnnn, I cant see it happening to be honest with you.

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as Zach says, i don't see it happing, besides the movie is in an alternate universe anyways.

I think they will follow what happens in the movie.
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actually if you read the path to 2409 it does say romulas is destroyed pretty much the start of the klingon and federation split.  The klingons want to conquer whats left the romulan star empire and the federation wants to help them rebuilt. It caused some hostilities at the very least. Romulas is destroyed spock is presumed dead because he went back in time but vulcan is still there how this all ends up possible is still confusing to me because if romulas is destroyed then vulcan should be gone too. 

Everyone wants to say that the movie is in an alternate timeline and i have heard official statements on that but i still dont buy it myself because it doesnt make since.  Real Spock goes to the past but he is not here in present day vulcan was destroyed in the past but its still here in the present? Doesnt make much sence to me. I think the alternate timeline thing was something the producers put in there not to piss off all the star trek nerd cannon people lol

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For once Falin, I agree with you. Kind of.

     The recent Star Trek movie in the past was an alternate (possibly replacement) universe, but from what I understand Romulus was destroyed in what we would see as the 'original' timeline, which led to Spock and Nero going back in time in the first place.

     I believe that they should leave it destroyed in the game, otherwise why would it be reported on the game's website? I know it's not a question of canon, but it would stand well as major STO plot point, and who knows? It could lead to a possible, true Vulcan/Romulan re-unification after all....

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Well, i tray to think that the new movie, the events of the "pass", all happend on a alternate time line. But Romulus its gone on the "real" star trek line, so in the game should be gone too. But that doest make the romlulans are going to be gone, i mean, the planet was destroy by a super nova, they should have a lot of time to evacuate all their ships, and important personal. I mean, a super nova travels slower than ligth.

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