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Author Topic: April 18th - Star Trek Excalibur Media Update  (Read 1450 times)

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April 18th - Star Trek Excalibur Media Update
« on: 19 April 2009 01:39 PM »
The Star Trek Excalibur Team have once again posted a new media update for their upcoming game.

For those of you who do not know, Star Trek Excalibur is designed to be a spritual sequal to Star Trek Bridge Commander, but with a brand new storyline and based on an amazing next generation game engine created by NanoFX.

In this weeks update, we get a look at the Federation Oberth Class and the Federation Ambassodor Class, so without further delay, here are the updates. (If you are recieving this update via e-mail, check out the images here:

Ambassodor Class

The 8000 poly USS Yamaguchi is the starship featured using Nano’s engine, with the name “Yamaguchi” literally meaning “mountain mouth” in Japanese. Another interesting fact: the Yamaguchi was the final appearance of the Ambassador Class studio model in Star Trek. The USS Yamaguchi was one of 39 starships destroyed by the Borg at Wolf 359.

Classified during the mid-24th century as a heavy cruiser, the Ambassador Class itself became an integral part of Starfleet during that time period. With a length of 526 metres and an armament of 10 phaser banks and 2 photon torpedo launchers, as well as considerably more manoeuvrability than the Romulan counterpart of that era, the Ambassador Class was top of the line in its time. As the 24th century progressed, the Ambassador-class was becoming antiquated, although the ship was still utilized during the Klingon Civil War, and saw action against the Borg and Dominion.

In Excalibur we envisage the Ambassador will be an auxiliary vessel approaching the end of its service and while aged it will still have many capabilities including long range scanners, a relatively large amount of space for personnel and enough firepower to hold off most hostile vessels.

Oberth Class

Featured here are two variants: the blue TMP-era Oberth and the grey TNG-era ship. The Oberth Class is a mid-sized starship used by Starfleet as well as civilian scientists as a scout and science vessel, and has a very long lifespan, from the late-23rd to late-24th century. Its primary role during the 2280s was the study of astronomical phenomena, such as stars and planets. By the 2360s, these ships would be used as transports and supply ships. A notable starship of this class included the USS Pegasus, former posting of Willam Riker, known for the testing of an illegal phase cloak, as well as experimental engines and weapons systems.

With the development of the Nova-Class starship in the 2370s, the Oberth started to slowly phase out of service however it will still be found active in the core systems of the Federation used mainly for transport and emergency response.

That is it for this weeks update but be sure to check back next weekend for the next Excalibur Update.   In the meantime, be sure to check out our gallery of over 100 Excalibur Screenshots at
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