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Author Topic: May 5th - Star Trek Excalibur's Sabre Class Ship Update  (Read 1943 times)

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Zach recently brought us an update from Star Trek Excalibur on the transporter room designs from their Intrepid and Sovereign Class Starships.  Following up on Zach's update, we will touch on Excalibur's recent release of their Sabre Class vessel.

The Sabre was a Federation Class Starship that was commissioned in 2373 and used in several combat situations against the Borg and the Dominion.  Only 360 meters in length, the Sabre was considerably smaller than some of its counterparts, but what it lacked in size it made up for in weaponry.  Outfitted with ample phaser banks, photon torpedoes, and quantum torpedoes, the Sabre could definitely hold its own in a fight.  

The screenshots below are the work of Excalibur team member Newman, who painstakingly worked to track down reference images and then re-create those designs with his own creative fine-tuning. Alex Jaegar, the original designer of the Sabre from ILM, would undoubtedly consider Newman's design an accurate representation of his Sabre Class vessel;  the rest of the Excalibur team does!

These screens possibly show the most detailed Sabre Class Starship ever created, rivaling or even surpassing the original CGI model that was used in the show.  Weighing in at 6221 Tri's, the Sabre Class is a Light Cruiser which accommodates 40 officers and crew with a top warp factor of 9.7.

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Re: May 5th - Star Trek Excalibur's Sabre Class Ship Update
« Reply #1 on: 06 May 2009 07:07 PM »
 That is some sweet renderings Tryjo. Thanks for those.
 Although I never really understood why the Sabre reminded me of a tadpole, it was certainly a powerful little ship.

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Re: May 5th - Star Trek Excalibur's Sabre Class Ship Update
« Reply #2 on: 09 May 2009 09:28 AM »

  I was never all that fond of this class of ship, but I'm impressed by the amount of work put into those shots, very well done.