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Author Topic: The Week in Review  (Read 1597 times)

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The Week in Review
« on: 10 May 2009 06:30 PM »
This is The Week in Review for Sunday, May 10, 2009.

The release of J.J. Abrams Star Trek may have slightly overshadowed other general ST gaming news this week, but there are some points of interest that we will cover in this weeks review.  No need in wasting time with a spiffy introductory paragraph...let's jump right into the news.

Star Trek: Armada II

Planning to release a supplement to his earlier full race Cardassian mod, Dan is working to incorporate a pack of units that include both ships and stations with this update.  Most of the models that he is using are the work of Achilles and Aad moerman; pending they are both willing to allow Dan to release this mod as an addon to the full race mod.  The ships themselves will be retextures of other available models in order to get them to fit with the existing Fleet that Dan has already released. 

Here is a list of the ships Dan plans to add:

  • Odekra Class (Achilles)
  • Argrai Class (Achilles)
  • Norin Class (Achilles)
  • Korinar Class (Achilles)
  • Talim Class (ACOM Team)
  • -Unnamed vessel 1- (from Aads Cardassian Cruiser Pack)
  • -Unnamed vessel 2- (from Aads Cardassian Cruiser Pack)
  • -Unnamed vessel 3- (from Aads Cardassian Cruiser Pack)
  • Biranok Class (Aad Moerman)
  • Quantum Research Facility from the Klingon campaign (will be a rebuild similar to the other stations Dan has made)

To stay up-to-date on this pack's progress, you can visit this link.[/b]

Star Trek: Legacy

An update to last weeks TB3 skirmish map competition has been announced by gdata.  The winnder of the competition will get a preview version of TB3!  Secondly, Aftermath 2.0 and higher maps will be supported in TB3.  So don't hesitate to send your maps to Legacy Files.

The Aftermath 3.0 Dev team has released several new screenshots showcasing some of the work that is going into this modification.  Some retexture work on both the Gryphon and the Preator can be seen in the images below.  Having a more industrial look, the Preator looks like a ship without having its paint job.  This gives the ship a more minimal look, which suites its role more.  The Gryphon, the second texture work being shown, has had a complete overhaul. Even though it is still the same model, it looks completely different and gives a much more sinister yet elegant look to her which ties her in more with the later era Romulan ships.


Nepera Dissi, one of the new prototype maps is one of only a handful of maps that are currently running to full use of the lighting engine incorporated into Aftermath 3.0. These maps take longer to make as the light sources are tweaked and balanced to provide tonal lighting and to portray light and shade in the maps. The map also introduces a new 'cascade' type nebulae effect and a finer 'mist' styled nebulae almost exactly what was seen in First Contact or Insurrection.  The Praetor ship is displayed again to show off the nebula effect in the background.


These last two images show how the new light source reacts with suns.  There is no longer a glare burst, and this showcases the tunnel effect in the lighting engine.  Moving closer to the sun will produce blinding and intense light; to the point of hindering your ability to see where your going.  The light is far more solid and gives off rays, flares, strong bursts of light and something new from the lighting engine...  pulse lighting.  Pulse lighting is where a sun will imitate a 'pulse' or a beating heart when a ship is too close.  Some of the nebulae also display pulse lighting and some even enhance the effect of a pulsing sun to display unique lighting effects where the nebulae picks up the pulses and sends it through the nebulae in a cascading light effect.


The nEw-GEN team has also released a preview video of the Kelvin type vessel for ST: Legacy in action.


Star Trek: Freelance

Some general FAQs have been released about the upcoming 2009 Freelance Teaser. 

As quoted from the Freelance website:

Is the Freelance teaser a demo of Freelance?

No, Absolutely not. The Freelance teaser nicknamed "Callum's Dream" Is a spin off single player mini mod based on Freelance. It contains non of the RPG/Decision making qualities of Freelance and is a stand alone modification. It is literally a compilation of Freelance maps, models, skins and weapons, with a storyline that intersects that of one of the possible storylines in Freelance. Think of it as a teaser video. It shows you some of the new locations, enemies, weapons ect but it doesn't actually allow you to play the core game.

What locations are in the Freelance teaser?

The Freelance teaser contains the following locations.

  • U.S.S Archer:  Mess hall Deck
  • Training Pirate Base:  Corridors
  • Edison Class:  Bridge
  • Edison Class:  Engineering Deck Assimilated
  • Earth:  Starfleet Command HQ
  • Klingon Station:  Corridors and Cargo Bay
  • U.S.S Archer:  Engineering Deck

What weapons are included with the teaser?

Phaser, Compression Rifle, Enhanced Compression Rifle, Klingon Distruptor.

What is the basic story?

You head to your quarters onboard the U.S.S Archer and fall asleep. You then awake to find you ship in danger and your crew missing. Fight through five sections to locate your crew and stop a new foe from destroying your ship.

**End Quote**

There is no set date for the release of this teaser, but I'll keep tabs on the site and inform you when it becomes available.

Star Trek: Excalibur

The Excalibur design team is bringing us an original concept this week!  Over the past few weeks, they have been releasing images of classic interior and exterior ship views that have been seen in the various series over the years.  However, this weeks release is an Excalibur exclusive - The Klingon Bloodlust Class. 

The Bloodlust will be a fairly large vessel at 650 meters in length, and information leaked from inside the Klingon Empire say that it will be a replacement for the aging K'Tinga which has been in service for over 150 years.  Other specific details about the Bloodlust remain classified by the Imperial Klingon Defense Force, but one can imagine that a ship of this caliber will come armed with ample disruptor cannons, disruptor beams, heavy photon torpedoes and possibly more.  In addition to being well armed, it will most likely have a well rounded defensive system complete with ablative hull armour and a cloaking device.  However, being a new addition to the Klingon Fleet, the Federation should not be so naive to think that there no other technology aboard her.

The Bloodlust was designed and modeled by DJ Curtis with assistance from Legacy in the way of modifications and textures.  Two variants of the ship have been designed, the scout variant and the more heavily armed assault variant.   The scout class has a focus on sensing equipment while the assault variant is more geared towards ship to ship combat and planetary assault.   The assault version features two "pods" that hang underneath the ship which we can guess might contain additional weapons.