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Author Topic: Excalibur | TMP Era Miranda Class  (Read 2331 times)

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Excalibur | TMP Era Miranda Class
« on: 30 May 2009 01:30 PM »
We have just posted our latest weekly update over at where we have continued our Federation Classics theme from last week with the Miranda Class!

The update includes six screenshots this week, with two additional exclusive screenshots provided as exclusive images here at Hailing Frequency!

The ship was designed with endurance and durability in mind and this shows when you consider that the ship has seen service in all major Federation Conflicts to date including the Battle at Wolf 359, the Battle of Sector 001, The Federation-Cardassian war of the 2350s and of course the great dominion war!

In fact, very few star ships in the Federation have seen service for quite as long as the Miranda Class which is a distinct testament to its designers.

Check out the six main screenshots by visiting and of course without further delay, here are our two exclusive images for this week: (click to enlarge)

Thats it for this weeks Excalibur Update, but do not miss next weeks update where we will be showing off our User Interface for the first time along with our cameras system and Physics!!  Also, check out our Excalibur Gallery for over 200 more Excalibur screenshots!
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