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Author Topic: Modding Updates: June 1st - July 4th 2009  (Read 1392 times)

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Modding Updates: June 1st - July 4th 2009
« on: 04 July 2009 07:02 PM »
[img align=right][/img] We have been getting a little tardy lately with the reporting of modding news and updates, while we have been working on revamping our podcast, however rest assured that things will be back on track here now, so we are getting the ball rolling with this huge news update that will cover the period from June 1st until July  3rd 2009.

Bridge Commander
Aftermath has, until now been a name that is associated with Star Trek Legacy, however in a recent press release, the Aftermath Team have announced that they are going to be venturing into Star Trek Bridge Commander with the release of a mod with the same name.

Aftermath for Bridge Commander will contain new ships that are balanced to provide all users a consistent game play experience. This means that all players of various computer specs will be able to have the same experience without sacrificing quality. This has always been a key feature of Aftermath in Legacy and the same principle will be displayed in BC.

Ships will be balanced to provide opportunities ranging from deep space exploration and one on one combat, right through to large scale fleet battles.

As is to be expected with any Star Trek mod, canon is an important factor and this is an area in which we will be very strict, however we will have everything balanced without granting a race any god-like abilities. We are aiming for fun, fair and balanced game play and we want to provide the player with variety and new elements to tactical game play where people will have to make careful decisions when entering combat scenarios.

One thing Aftermath has guaranteed in the past is a reliable release flow. This means we will have regular releases without large and lengthy development times. We will have small scale releases that build a base for a much larger future.

Our home site is currently undergoing some site changes but will be fully operational soon.

In one minor piece of Legacy News, NewGen Mods have renamed themselves and are now called NG Mods.

Elite Force 1 & 2
In the hopes of encouraging some new activity in Elite Force 1 Game Servers, are hosting an Elite Force 1 Holomatch Week.

With much of the Elite Force One playerbase focused currently on the popular RPG-X roleplaying mod, Holomatch has been growing more and more full of bots playing against each other online with nobody watching, keeping empty servers going, rather than actual players fragging each other. Although there are often exceptions to this (some servers with mods), this classic gamemode still needs to get a shot in the arm...

So this week, Elite Force Files will be having a themed EF1 Holomatch Week, where we'll be encouraging players to go find their barely used HM desktop icon and double click on it for some online fragging!

More information is available here:;42728

For those interested in Elite Force Machinima, a new project has been announced

Star Trek: Tempus Fugit will be set in the 31st century Starfleet and explore the time travelling adventures & back-story of the character as he rises through the ranks of Temporal Command and encounters the renewed hostilities of the Kessok race.

Here is the Trailer for Tempus Fugit:

Elite Force Roleplaying is also surging forward with a number of new RPGs announced or seeking members:

Star Trek Banting II is a continuation of Star Trek Banting, taking place after the second Borg war in 2398.

The Year: 2401
The Place: Signus V
The Ship: USS Banting (NCC 3120-B)

The website for this RPG is

Star Trek Dauntless is a Serial Roleplay that has been running for several months now and they are still accepting applications for an adventure to the Delta Quadrant.

Please Apply at : under the Transporter Room Section and State this ship you wish to apply for.

Star Trek Fusion is an upcoming RPG being hosted by Pulse Fusion. If you are interested about learning more about the group and their new series, or wish to join, go to the Pulse Fusion Website at

On a final note for Elite Force Modding, anyone who has been watching the video series “Elite Force Review” with be saddend to learn that the series is wrapping up with the ninth episode of its second season.   View the final episode at

In our final piece of news for this modding update,  fans of Fleet Operations will be happy to learn that updates are continuing to be released for the latest version of the mod.   A recent preview on the website showed of elements from version 3.08 of the mod, which will feature a brand new interface, which will be the first major update to the Fleet Ops interface since 2003!

The design goal was to create a clean and tidy look, while consuming less space on the screen. Screenshots of the other races' interface will follow soon.

Here are the screenshots:

That concludes the modding update for this period.   We will return with a new update on July 9th 2009.  In the meantime, keep it Hailing Frequency!