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Author Topic: Audio Report #3 from Las Vegas Trek Con - STO Info + More Photos and Videos!  (Read 2593 times)

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This is our third audio road report from the Las Vegas Star Trek Convention and this report covers the convention for Saturday 8th August.  The first 8 minutes of the report focus on the convention in general and then the last 25 minutes or so focus specifically on the STAR TREK ONLNE panel which had a playing demo of Star Trek Online!  He also recalls how he was elected to dish out the TRIVIA questions for the BETA KEY GIVEAWAY!

Download the audio report here:

Accompanying this audio report, we have more photos and video from the convention.  For videos, check out our YouTube Playlist at

For the photos, check out the gallery at

Our last Road Report will follow tomorrow, so until then folks, keep it Hailing Frequency!
(P.S. Our 25 minute audio interview with Craig Zinkevich releases tomorrow, so be sure to stop back for that!)
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What an impressive Road Report, All that juicy information, Thank you guys!