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Author Topic: Podcast Episode 68 Released - STO Interview, STGN, STO news and more! (FIXED)  (Read 1913 times)

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This is episode 68 of Hailing Frequency, our first "normal" episode since our stream of specials over the past few weeks as we covered the New Jersey and Las Vegas Star Trek Conventions.  Episode 68 was recorded on Saturday August 8th and our interview with Star Trek Online's Executive Producer Craig Zinkievich was run during this show for the first time.  I am sure you have all heard it already, but how can you ever get tired of it?

Ksuan brings us all of the latest Star Trek Gaming and Star Trek Online news as usual and we talk about some of the Star Trek Online screenshots that were released at Kotaku.  Another great show and well worth the download as usual! Enjoy Folks!

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