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Author Topic: Calling all Fleets and Guilds + How to Contact Us & next live show!  (Read 1640 times)

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Do you run or are you part of a Star Trek Gaming Guild? If so, then pay attention folks!

We are launching a new Fleet Focus Segment on Hailing Frequency and each show, we would like to interview a different Fleet Leader / Fleet Member about your fleet!  This is your chance to give folks some history about your fleet, entice new members into joining and more importantly, be featured on the internets only podcast dedicated to Star Trek Gaming!

If you are interested in appearing on Hailing Frequency's Fleet Focus, please e-mail "" right away to organise your appearence.

Fleet Focus Segments can be recorded via Telephone, Skype, Teamspeak or Ventrilo, we do not mind which, so there are a wide range of options there for you to appear on the show!.


During the recent survey we have been holding to gain some information about you, our listeners, a few folks have commented that you have a very hard time trying to contact us with comments or to appear on the show.

If you have any comments or would like to appear, contact me personally via e-mail on "" or via Skype (zach21uk) or via MSN Messenger (

We are always open to having new people on the show and if you have feedback on a specific part of the show, or if we have said something wrong and you have a correction, you should feel open and free to contact us at any time!.

Any one out there that hasnt yet taken part in our survey, please do at$&ver=standard

If you do not have much time, we have developed a SHORTER suvery at$&ver=short


Our next show, Episode 69, will be recording on Saturday 22nd August at 11am EST / 5pm CET / 4pm GMT.  All of our recording sessions are open to the public, however you should be aware that live recording sessions do nto represent the final quality of the show and often contain bloopers, pauses and the occasional technical difficulty.

That said, if you like to have your comments read out on the air or like to comment on parts of the show as they are being recorded, then this is the way to get it done!

If you cannot make the live recording session due to your schedule or timezone, do not worry.  Episode 69 will be available in full post-produced glory on Wednesday 26th August, so if you miss the live session, look out for download on the 26th.
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