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Author Topic: Here We Go! PAX Coverage for Friday!  (Read 3902 times)

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Here We Go! PAX Coverage for Friday!
« on: 04 September 2009 05:06 PM »

NOTE: THIS THREAD WILL BE UPDATED THROUGHOUT THE DAY SO KEEP AN EYE ON IT FOLKS! Alright. This thread will be for any information coming out of PAX today and to start it off we have a photo from VMANN of the waiting line at PAX and one from Cryptic_Zinc(Craig Zinkievich. Star Trek Online's Executive Producer) of the STO Booth.

VMANN and Tamgros of 'All Out Assault' Gaming Group/Star Trek Online Fleet will also be conducting a 30 minute interview for Hailing Frequency later on in the day with Cryptic Studios (Thank you to AoA ( and Cryptic working with us to bring you that interview. Special thanks to Tricia, Debra & Arielle)
***********  Need A Fleet?  ***********

edit: AMAZING SCREENSHOTS from Tamgros :

LIVE STREAM FROM PAX: (Due to many from the STO IRC CHAT flooding the UFRAGTV chat, UFRAG says they will/are lining up an interview with Cryptic on Satuday and that Saturday's coverage will be amazing.  TUNE IN, register and chat with us on UFRAGTV

10:00 a.m. PST
TWEETpic from VMANN. "The Line"

TWEETpic from Cryptic_Zinc:  "The STO Booth"

TweetPic from VMANN: "Waiting in line. Tamgros and the Swag Sword!"
((Tamgros is the gent who will be leading the interview with Cryptic.  He's looking mighty superheroish.  Also reminds me of a young, Jack Emmert.  Are they related? --Kinneas))

Tweet from Tamgros: "Wow, multiple mentions of Star Trek in the video shown while we wait in line. In memory of redshirt + intense hampster = lmao"
Interesting comment in the STO IRC:
<]AoA[TerryN> lol Kotaku are unwittingly advertising Hailing Frequencies


TWEET from tamgros: "Entering the show floor at #PAX. About to play #STO!!!!"

TweetPIC: "Tamgros Playing STO"

TweetPic from VMANN:  "Craig Zinkievich, STO's Executive Producer!"

Tweet from Tamgros: "Cryptic will be releasing video!!! also, i almost got pwned. need practice..."

11:00 a.m. PST.
Tweet from Tamgros: "interview at 1 is with Zinc! im getting ready to grill, man, gotta play the demo like 10 more times. so much info!!!"

Image from PAX:

Tweet from Tamgros: "tamgrosLol. I just saw someone get pwned. DONT LEAVE YOUR BOs!"

Tweet from Tamgros: "Watching an excelsior pwn some BoPs, smooth... interesting. you have a menu to access everyone at the different stations. Sci Nav ops com"

Tweet from Tamgros: Large portion of the cryptic team wants to make romulan faction playable at some point

Tweet from Tamgros: "Player im watching is just wondering around on the ground. doesnt seem to be an obvious border. lol, lots of targ though..."

Tweet from Tam:  "Woot! place holders for fleet logos onships! get creative #AOA"

Tweet from Tam: "Woah, gameplay vids on the big sceen. Borg cube huge, intrepid tiny!! really detailed however..."

TweetPIC: from VMANN: "Ground Combat"

TweetPIC from VMANN: "Ground"

comment: "Time to contact McDonalds, BK, KFC, Home Depot, Viagra, Trojan, etc. etc. etc. about getting some logos on some starships.  J/K.   Maybe.  :)  " --Kinneas
***********  Need A Fleet?  ***********


** TAMGROS and VMANN should be in the interview with Cryptic right about now. **

DEV IN STO IRC CHAT: MEET<Cryptic_Rehpic> its great to work at a company where you hear "he did bring a bat'leth to a phaser fight after all" at a company all-hands meeting :-)   
<Cryptic_Rehpic> I'm working on a feature that hasn't been revealed.  I don't want to steal Craig's glory when he demos it the first time, so I'll keep quiet about it for now.  :-)
<Cryptic_Rehpic> I'm the guy who programs kirk! 

((:-)<+Cryptic_Rehpic> ok, whoever posted my comment about "I'm the guy who programs kirk!" on needs to add the followup that it was a joke.  I dont want to see a bunch of thread in the forums about kirk being in the game!  And I dont want Craig to order me out of IRC either :-)))   

Kinneas: "SORRY!"

<cipher_nemo[RS]> what side of development are you helping out on STO, Rehpic? ie: AI, quests, world, etc.
<Cryptic_Rehpic> well, from the looks of my schedule, it is mostly non-combat gameplay and social systems
<cipher_nemo[RS]> cool! so you'll help us eventually with all the yummy "fluff" and things like an Auction House, etc?
<Cryptic_Rehpic> yeah, one of the features on my list now was actually described as "fluff"
<Captain_Butters> some one say non combat features :D
<Cryptic_Rehpic>I dont feel bad about it at all.  fluff is a very important part of making an mmo feel like a real living world

CRYPTIC_DIAMONDS also showed up
<Zeroth> what do you do again diamonds? XD
<+Cryptic_Diamonds> lead web programmer
<Kinneas> Cryptic_Diamonds: What is the most unusual thing that has happened to you while at Cryptic?
<+Cryptic_Diamonds> kinneas: someone once said "I have no friends so I have to friend myself." (They were testing new code)5:40 PM Mar 11th from web

2:00p.m. PST

TWEET from cryptic_rekhan: "Every time a bird of prey blows up in the STO demo, a Q gets its hat."



Tweet from tamgros: "Woah, just got done with the interview with @crypticzinc! awesome! You can get the interview and stuff at tomorrow"

Tweet from Tam " tamgrosJust wondering around , booth to booth toand start talking to someone. who is it? @rogueenterprise ! small world!"

KOTAKU Review!

Tweet from Tam:  tamgrosJust got done with my signoff with Rekhan. Ill be uploading the data to Kinneas/HF in a couple hours

COMMENT:  STO COMMUNITY STORMS UFRAGTV CHAT and requests STO interview.   UFRAGTV says they will do an interview with CRYPTIC TODAY!  Spread the words!

Tweet from TAM: tamgrosDay 1 #PAX impression. lots of great FPS/twitch games, didnt expect to be impressed. In terms of tactical play, #STO reigns supreme
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Re: Here We Go! PAX Coverage for Friday!
« Reply #1 on: 04 September 2009 05:53 PM »
who is "intense hampster?"

tamgros: Wow, multiple mentions of star trek in the video shown while we wait in line. In memory of redshirt + intense hampster = lmao
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Re: Here We Go! PAX Coverage for Friday!
« Reply #2 on: 04 September 2009 07:54 PM »
Subscribing to thread.

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Re: Here We Go! PAX Coverage for Friday!
« Reply #3 on: 05 September 2009 03:46 AM »
WOW some amazing reporting!

Hailing Frequency has done it again.  SUPERB Coverage & reporting.


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Re: Here We Go! PAX Coverage for Friday!
« Reply #4 on: 12 September 2009 11:31 AM »
Oooo all the good bits at once... me wanty PAX

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Re: Here We Go! PAX Coverage for Friday!
« Reply #5 on: 12 September 2009 07:18 PM »
I have always liked HF interviews, they give and ask what people really want to know, instead of the big, big sites rehashing what every one else has done.