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Author Topic: PAX Coverage for Saturday!  (Read 6053 times)

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PAX Coverage for Saturday!
« on: 05 September 2009 12:49 PM »
This will be for posting all Tweets, pics, etc for Saturday. For yesterday's coverage please see:,1876.0.html

First: Check out these amazing screenshots from VMANN and Tamgros from Friday:

Second: UFRAGTV LIVE Coverage from PAX!  The coverage has been amazing...and er...HOT ( Bag Lady & Becky .   Due to all the folks from the STO community invading the UFRAGTV PAX CHAT demanding we see STO, they (ufragtv) has lined up a STO INTERVIEW with Craig Zinkievich!  So tune in and maybe we can see Becky kiss the Spock doll. UFRAGTV is doing the most amazing job, the quality is supreme and they can support MILLIONS of steams now. So spread the word today, register, log in and chat with us. It is a hoot and you do not want to miss today's coverage.

Stay tuned!

THANKS to Cryptic's TRICIA, DEBRA & ARIELLE for lining Hailing Frequency and All Out Assault up with a great interview & a great time in general! Thanks to Cryptic's Executive Producer, Craig Zinkievich, Crypic_Rekhan, & the Devs who were in STO IRC chat, all the folks from STO IRC who invaded UFRAGTV for STO. SPECIAL THANKS to ALL OUT ASSAULT's, Tamgros & Vmann for bringing us all this coverage!

******* Need A Fleet?  ********


STO Gameplay footage now on Youtube:
- Space combat: Star Trek Online | PAX Public Demo!
-ground combat 1: PAX Day One - Star Trek Online ground combat 1
-ground combat 2: PAX 2009 Day One - Star Trek Online ground combat 2

Interview w/ Craig Zinkievich (2 parts): Star Trek Online | PAX 09 | Interview w/ Craig Zinkievich P1  , Star Trek Online | PAX 09 | Interview w/ Craig Zinkievich P2

Mini interview with Cryptic Rekhan: Star Trek Online | Mini Interview with Rekhan!

Tweet from Vmann: vmannRecharging cameras and phone for more #PAX #AoA adventures today.

UFRGAGTV on the way to STO Booth!
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