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Author Topic: |F| - The Federation  (Read 3367 times)

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|F| - The Federation
« on: 28 October 2009 01:39 PM »
Name: The Federation
Uniform Tag: |F|
Motto: "Stronger than the Foundations of the earth"
Faction: The United Federation of Planets
CO: Grand Admiral Leonidus Drake
Type: PvE, PvP and Light RP
Fleet Time Zones: International - (GMT/EST)

The Federation Cinema:
Recruitment Trailer - The Federation STO Recruitment Trailer
Fall of The Klingon Empire - Fall of The Klingon Empire


Good Morning, afternoon and evening to all visitors of The Federation's recruitment station for Star Trek Online. I am Grand Admiral Leonidus Drake and it gives me great pride and pleasure to announce that today marks the official birth of this fine fleet.

As a prospective member you may have noticed there are a rather large number of fleets already established for Star Trek Online and we at the federation are but a drop of water when compared to the entire ocean of fleets currently available to you, so what makes us different from the others?

Well, we at the Federation believe if we're going to do something lets do it not only in the right and proper way but lets do it with style. It is our intention to become a respected part of the star trek online community and the international gaming community at large, to set an example of how a group of gamers united by common interests can achieve anything and express good Sportsmanship while we achieve it.

I can assure you we are not a fleet which will be here today and then disappear tomorrow like so many others. It is my intention for this the fleet/clan/guild to be here for many years to come, given enough success we may even also expand into other games and become a multigaming fleet/clan/guild however, im getting ahead of myself.

The main goal of The Federation...our "prime directive" if you will... is to have fun and promote a family friendly environment. We will cater to both the casual and hardcore players and partake in PvE, PvP and some optional RP events.

Fleet Life:

Ive become increasingly concerned with the amount of fleets that try to rule their members with an iron fist, believing they have a right to dictate how you should spend your time playing a particular game, believing they are superior to others because they have members with "military experience" and believing they have the right to order people about due to fictional ranks. We at the federation do not believe in this sort of conduct infact Article Two Section One of our Code of Conduct states

"All high ranking members must show the proper respect to all members of lower rank this applies to everyone including the Grand Admiral. These are fictional ranks which are here to display your length of service, participation and responsibilities within the federation, outside of role-playing and administrative functions they do not give you the right to order someone about. Always remember that outside of administrative positions (required for the federation to function) we are all equal."

I cannot emphisis that point enough, we are all equal and afforded the same rights as everyone else, we are not a strict fleet in any sence of the word. We do have policies which help to enforce the family friendly environment we hope to create, however those policies are not there to clasp our members in chains we've got a prime directive to follow after all eh?.


Leadership is one of the main areas we hope to excel at, as the saying goes "with great power comes great responsibilities" There will be no positions in the federation which do not have a real function, no titles or positions used to inflate the ego of power hungry gamers and most important of drama (any attempt at disrupting the peace will be swiftly met with our collective boot on your backside on your way out). A cadet that joins today could find himself one day with enough loyalty and dedication the commander-in-chief, in The Federation nothing is impossible. With that said  their will be multipul oppertunities given to our members even junior officers to be able to lead in certain aspects of the fleet in-game and out. 


We do not believe in penalties for low activity (however we won't accept anyone signing up and not returning or not showing any semblance of activity at all), ive said it many times before, a game is not a job it's a recreational activity, life always comes first and The Federation has been structured around this concept.

We offer two catergories of membership, The Officer catergory for members who have more free time than others and intend on participatng more and the Enlisted catergory for those who have busy lives or cannot participate as much as they would like.

please be aware that the only benefit to being an Officer is that you are eligibel for administrative positions (as you are the most active) whilst enlisted personnel are not, other than that both membership catergories have no benefits over the other and can be changed at any time upon your request. We seek friendly, well-spoken, team-oriented gamers interested in an atmosphere of cameraderie, team work, and informal role playing. We're looking for good captains who are also great people. Our membership requirements are simple

1) You must be a decent person
2) Adhere to the Code of Conduct and Constitution of The Federation
3) Sign up to our Forums with your intended in-game name
4) For god sake have fun!


I'll be perfectly honest with you, as a new fleet, right now The Federation is running on a skeleton crew, and ive no doubt that it may take a while for us to find our feet within this community however should you join us you will become one of the founding members and will be an important part in shaping how we will establish our selves in star trek online.

You won't become a member of the council or a fleet captain/taskforce commander etc just yet, those are administrative positions which will open up once we have better established ourselves, got to know one another and when the need arrises as our numbers grow. As founding members you will however be given the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade/ Petty Officer 2nd Class  this will only last for the first six weeks of our founding. Should you stay past the first six weeks and decide to commit to The Federation for the long run you will be granted a special award "The Star of the Founders" to always remind you that YOU were here when it all started and YOU helped lay the foundations for this fine fleet.

We are also currently open to any smaller fleets who may wish to merge with us, however I can understand how it can be quite insulting for someone to post on a newly formed fleet's thread and offer a merger as it sends out the wrong message e.g. "Your new, small and going to fail so just give up and join us" so with that in mind, We won't be actively seeking out mergers but the option is there for those who are interested in such an endeavour, please take a look at the external affairs section of our site for more information on this subject or just send me a PM and i'll get back to you as soon as I can.

If your still reading I would like to thank you for taking the time to review this thread we hope to be hearing from you soon but before you go please take a look at our recruitment video maybe it'll give you that extra shove in our direction eh? whatever your decision, we'll see you amoung the stars captain(s) <Salutes>

Grand Admiral Leonidus Drake
Commander-In Chief