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Author Topic: Ultimate Universe Mod Progress Report Newsletter  (Read 1624 times)

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Ultimate Universe Mod Progress Report Newsletter
« on: 28 May 2007 11:04 PM »
Greetings all,

This is a newsletter for those that are watching the progress of Ultimate Universe Mod.

For all those new members we would like to welcome you to our forums and our hope is that you enjoy yourself while participating. We are rather open group of people and the environment on our forums we have been told is rather laid back.

As for the future of the Mod we are looking to start work on Stage II. We also have plans for when the Mod Tools come out along the lines of an entire new storyline with missions to come as you have seen in the single player stock of the game. It will feature many new things such as old and new familiar races, new ships and much much more. Though while this cant happen if donít receive the Mod Tools though until that time we will be working on stage II of the mod.

Stage II will include while at the same time remembering that things could change due to problems occurring. Some of the new features will include new ships, new races, new UI with features you thought couldnít be in the game and more. Many new modes will be included while giving the player a enjoyable time of playing Ultimate Universe Mod.

The Community of people which have followed our progress has provided some excellent feedback as to what you want to see in the mod, what problems you have found and just overall great constructive items weather it is something minor to something we didnít even know about. You all have also provided us with some excellent ideas. We appreciate all your feedback and we hope to implement many of the suggestions.

Our Director of Cinematography, Mindwipe, has released the music which was used in the mod, remixed a bit and with some bonus tracks. If you are interested in downloading it you can find it here:

Also, for those that might not know we are looking to release Ultimate Borg with new texture, tractor beams, new maps and special modes. So look for that soon!

Link here:

On another note with regards to the mod you can find the new progress of explosions by Mirishots here:

If you are interested in looking at some of the details of the UUM Senior map maker check it out here:

On behalf of the entire staff of Ultimate Universe Mod team thank you for supporting us because without all of you this mod wouldnít be here.

Our Team speak: (Everyone is welcome to join us on TS)

Are you interested in donating to Ultimate Universe Mod? Send $1 every little bit helps.
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