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Author Topic: Star Trek Online Q and A #1 Released!  (Read 2849 times)

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Star Trek Online Q and A #1 Released!
« on: 05 January 2010 08:36 PM »
On Sunday 3rd January 2010, we broadcast a 100 minute live show where myself and my team member, Nova, answered literally dozens of your questions about Star Trek Online Live.

If you missed the live show, the good news is that the MP3 is now ready to download for your listening pleasure

Many thanks to all who had questions during this show, especially to those who actually called in!

We will be broadcast another LIVE question and answer session for Star Trek Online on:

Saturday 9th Janurary 2010 at 5pm GMT

For those of you around the world, that is 9am - 10am Pacific Standard Time, 12pm-1pm Eastern Standard Time and 6pm-7pm Central European Time.

Download the Show and Details

Download the show here:

Size: 93.6 mb
Length: 1 hour and 42 minutes

Would you like to participate in the show?

Hailing Frequency is, and has always been a community podcast. That means that if you, as a community member, would like to participate in the show, all you have to do is record something and send it in too

You can also now appear LIVE on any of our live shows by adding hailing.frequency to your skype account during a live recording session and asking to come on the air.


If you have a Star Trek website that you would like to advertise in the show, all you have to do is record a 30 or 60 second long advert and send it in to us. Don't know what to do or say? No problem, just drop us an e-mail and we will work with you to develop an advert!


Hailing Frequency is always in need of donations to help cover server costs and other expenses. Did you know that we currently use over 4000gb of Bandwidth Per Month?  All of this bandwidth and server power costs money - so even if you can only spare a dollar - It will help!

You can donate here:
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