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Author Topic: [Winner] Gaffadin  (Read 2886 times)

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[Winner] Gaffadin
« on: 12 January 2010 03:08 PM »
Captains Log Stardate 63555.1 - We have just entered a Star System that Long Range Sensor scans show was recently abandoned by The Borg.  It is not known why the Borg left the system, so we have come here to investigate. End Log.

Helm: We are approaching the system captain!

Captain: Drop us out of warp and engage impulse engines.  Begin Scanning!

Science: Scans show that the system has 11 planets captain, The 3rd, 4th and 5th planets are in the stars habitable zone. The 6th planet is Class-L, the 1st and 2nd planets are very close to the Star and contain high amounts of heavy metals and the 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th planets are all Gas Giants........Sir, I cannot get a reading on the 11th planet, something is interfering with our scans, some kind of directed interference from inside the system.

Captain:  Hmnnnn - 3 planets in the Habitable zone - thats very interesting. Helm - lay in a course to the 3rd planet, lets start there.

Helm: Aye Sir....Entering orbit in 15 seconds

Captain: Switch to the lateral sensor array and concentrate scans on the third planet...can we get any more detailed information?

Science: Sir, we are receiving some unusual readings...they are hard to make out through the interference, but...I believe there is a ship in orbit.

Captain: Hailing frequencies.

Tactical: Captain, they are hailing us.

Captain: On-screen.

The view screen turns on, to reveal a replica bridge, heavily damaged, with the Helm officer, Lieutenant Anderson, sitting in the Captain's chair.  He is injured, with some minor cuts and bruises, but nothing serious.

The Captain glances at his Lieutenant Anderson, who returns the Captain's look with a shrug of his shoulders.

Duplicate Anderson: Captain, under the provisions of the Temporal Prime Directive you are hereby ordered to vacate this star system immediately.  Destroy any electronic records, sensor scans or logs you have taken while you were present here and speak of it to no-one.

Captain:'re injured.  Do you require assistance?  Where am I?  Where are my other bridge officers?

Duplicate Anderson: You know full well that I cannot answer your questions, sir.  The Temporal Prime Directive forbids it.

Science: Their ship is damaged sir, but not severely.  Engines and life-support systems are moderately compromised, and their shields are at 30%, but with appropriate repairs the ship could be underway in as little as six hours.

There is also something else, sir.  My scans detect a highly-localised distortion of the space-time continuum off the port bow of their ship.  It may be a micro-singularity or some other tear in the fabric of space-time, I cannot be sure at this distance.

Captain: I'm sure you heard that, Lieutenant.  Would you care to fill me in on exactly what is happening over there?  If not for your sake then for the safety of my ship.

Duplicate Anderson: I can only re-iterate what I have already stated, sir.  Please leave the system immediately.  It would be in your own best interest.  This is all I am permitted to say at this point.

Captain: I'm not about to leave need of help with the possibility of the Borg returning at any moment.

Duplicate Anderson: The Borg will not be returning.

Captain: How do you know?  Well of course I'm sure you can't tell me.

Duplicate Anderson: That's right sir, I'm sorry.

The Captain thinks over the situation, and throws a look once more at his Lieutenant Anderson who appears equally as bewildered at the turn of events, before coming to his decision.

Captain: Reverse course and take us out of the system.

Duplicate Anderson: Thank you sir.  It was good to see you again.

The second Lieutenant Anderson cuts the com line.

Executive Officer:  What exactly did he mean by that?

Captain: Let's hope we never find out.

Executive Officer: But are we really going to leave them without help, Captain?  They clearly need it.

Captain: The decision has already been made for us, Number One.  The Temporal Prime Directive gives me very little leeway with which to proceed, and during times such as these the more informed party has primacy.

Executive Officer: Meaning?

Captain: Meaning that for about five minutes there I was outranked by a mere Lieutenant.

Science: Captain, sensors indicate that both the other vessel and the subspace distortion have vanished.  I swear they were there just a moment ago.

Captain: Remind me never to play poker with you, Mr. Anderson.

The Helmsman chuckles to himself, as the ship proceeds to exit the system.