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Author Topic: [Runner Up] Wulf  (Read 2610 times)

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[Runner Up] Wulf
« on: 12 January 2010 03:14 PM »
Captains Log Stardate 63555.1 - We have just entered a Star System that Long Range Sensor scans show was recently abandoned by The Borg.  It is not known why the Borg left the system, so we have come here to investigate. End Log.

Helm: We are approaching the system captain!

Captain: Drop us out of warp and engage impulse engines.  Begin Scanning!

Science: Scans show that the system has 11 planets captain, The 3rd, 4th and 5th planets are in the stars habitable zone. The 6th planet is Class-L, the 1st and 2nd planets are very close to the Star and contain high amounts of heavy metals and the 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th planets are all Gas Giants........Sir, I cannot get a reading on the 11th planet, something is interfering with our scans, some kind of directed interference from inside the system.

Captain:  Hmnnnn - 3 planets in the Habitable zone - thats very interesting. Helm - lay in a course to the 3rd planet, lets start there.

Helm: Aye Sir....Entering orbit in 15 seconds...


Ensign Gaire's Log Stardate 63562.4 - This will be my first and final entry.

We never saw it coming.  We should have known better.  With all the raw resources available in this star system, why would The Borg leave? 

Two minutes after entering orbit, there was a shipwide power fluctuation.  Not trusting the transporters, the first officer and a security detachment took a shuttle down to the planet.  She relayed back horrific images of half-formed Borg, in what appeared to be various states of decomposition, as if cybernetics could decompose.

The away team returned to the ship, bringing samples of dead and dying Borg with them.  Yes, some of them, though rapidly deteriorating, were still functioning. 

We remained in orbit for two days, as the science and medical teams poured over the information gleaned from their testing and experimentation.

They believed what they had discovered was an organism that fed on the specific bonds within cybernetics, leaving the biological portion of an assimilated Borg to die a slow death as they were cut off from the technology that maintained them.   

Much like the maggots on Earth would only feed on dead flesh and leave healthy structures alone, these would only break down the merged biological and technological materials.  Once they reached living flesh, they moved on to the next implant.  They were literally dismantling The Borg from the inside out.   

This was touted as a discovery which could possibly mean the end the war with The Borg.  A doomsday weapon, one The Collective obviously feared.

We never could have imagined how adaptable this lifeform was.  The portion of sickbay that had been used for research was quarantined and the microscopic organism placed into stasis.

It wasn’t long before the ship’s systems started malfunctioning.  The computer seemed to be having very human-seeming memory problems.  Commands would need to be repeated two or three times before they were executed, it was sluggish to respond or wouldn’t respond at all and alerts would be triggered, with seemingly no cause.  This was not supposed to be possible with modern bio-neural systems.

So, we set course for the nearest starbase to have a full systems diagnostic performed and repair operations started.

We never made it.

It was Jonas in security who fell first.  Violent mood swings, loss of control of limbs, incoherent speech.  In the end, it was a mixed blessing that there wasn’t enough of him left to understand what had happened.

That started the panic amongst the other hundred-some crew members.  The captain tried to maintain order and sanity on his ship, but when the malaise took him, the crew lost all hope.

For some, the lucky ones, the devouring of their neural paths was graciously painless, as they’d already been rendered numb or comatose.

Others weren’t as fortunate.  Their screams still echo within the remainders of my mind.

Four of us decided on self-preservation.  Full biological and anti-microbial sweeps were run on the shuttlecraft.  We thought we could escape it.

It’s been almost two weeks.  We almost made it.  We thought we had, until the shuttle’s systems started failing.  A very small number of the organism had been brought along, but that’s all it took.  It multiplies rapidly when food is abundant.

I can no longer feel anything below my sternum, and even that is fading now.

Please, if you find this, destroy the shuttle and the USS Hawkins.


Golson: Hey, uh, Commander?
Cmdr North: Yes, crewman, what is it?

Golson: You remember the science vessel was towed into starbase 571 a couple days ago?

Cmdr North: Yes, why?