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Author Topic: [Runner Up] Hogimus  (Read 2424 times)

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[Runner Up] Hogimus
« on: 12 January 2010 03:17 PM »
Captain’s Log, Supplemental:  after surveying the third and fourth planets in the system, we have arrived at the fifth planet to attempt to determine an explanation for the recent withdrawal of the Borg from this system.   The third planet showed indications of early settlement by a pre-warp civilization with pre-fabricated structures dotting several costal locations.  After away teams examined these structures, it became clear that a hasty evacuation of the colonists was conducted. 


Around the fourth planet, scans indicated residual traces of Borg weapons fire.  The entire planet seemed to have been bombarded from space, leaving no traces of life of any kind.  To simply destroy an entire population without any attempt to assimilate the people or their technology indicates that something about this population caused the Borg to change their typical modus operandi.

                The fifth planet seems to have been more substantially settled than the third, which would indicate that its settlements pre-date those on the third.  Sensors indicate lifesigns remaining within only one of the settlements on the planet, though there seems to be an unexplained variation of the readings.  An away team is readying to beam down and investigate the settlements.  I will be leading this away team.


Captain:  Phasers on stun.  Lieutenant Daniels, begin scanning for the lifesigns.

Daniels: Aye sir, there is some difficulty because of the faint nature we detected from orbit.

Science Officer:  Captain, I believe I can compensate for the readings.

Daniels: Vulcan superiority complex, S’rek?

S’rek: Of course not, lieutenant.

Captain:  Anything now Mr. S’rek?

S’rek: Aye captain.  Scans indicate that a group of lifesigns is approaching this position.

Daniels: Defensive posture, sir?

Captain: Steady lieutenant, let’s see what we’re dealing with here first.

S’rek: As the lifesigns get closer captain; my scans indicate that there is a mechanical element to them.

Daniels: Borg!

S’rek: Negative lieutenant, there is no indication of typical power signature of a drone, this is something different.

Settler: Greetings, I am Voran of the Ephialesians.  You have come because the Great  Ones, I assume?

Captain: I am Captain Elizabeth Stevens of the Federation Star Ship Herodotus.  We came because we recently detected the presence of a powerful force we refer to as the Borg in this system, as well as the destruction of the central planet.  Are you of this civilization?

Voran: Our people were weak; they would not accept the Great Ones.  They did not see the…futility, of our vain attempts to walk our own path.

S’rek: Captain, my scans indicate that the mechanical elements of their…”biology” occur naturally.

Stevens: Natural cybernetic beings? Voran, you said your people would not accept the…Great Ones.  Is that what caused the destruction we saw, did they resist?

Voran:  The fools were offered a place among the Gods, and they refused.

Daniels:  “Let us make him in our image, after our likeness”.  They believe the Borg are gods, creators.

S’rek: It seems so lieutenant.

Captain: Quiet.  Voran, what happened to your gods, why did they not bring you with them.

Voran: Alas, they attempted to bestow us with their divine touch, to bring us into their pantheon, but they said there was an incompatibility.   We knew though:  The sins of our people made us unworthy.  In their benevolence, the Great Ones promised to return when they knew how to allow us to join them.  You are lucky.

Stevens: Lucky, why?

Voran: The Great Ones told us your peoples can more easily join them in their pantheon.  Do not worry, we have already alerted them, you will be able to join them soon.

Conn Officer: Captain, the interference from the eleventh planet.  Sir, it’s moving this way.

Voran: They will come from their great gateway, and you will be one with them, how I envy you.

Stevens: A transwarp conduit?

S’rek: The interference must be a damping field, sir.  They were attempting to conceal its construction.

Daniels: It’s a trap!

Stevens: Herodotus, we’ve got trouble, the interference is a Borg vessel, get a lock on us and prepare to beam up on my mark.  Voran, I want some answers!

To be continued…