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Author Topic: New Star Trek Fan Game Emerges - Star Trek: Adventures - Demo Released!  (Read 2953 times)

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[img align=right][/img] We are happy to announce details of a new Star Trek Fan Game that has emerged onto the scene in the last few days - Star Trek: Adventures!  If the addition of an exciting new fan game onto the scene isn't enough on its own - then you will be even happier to know that a demo has already been released!

Star Trek: Adventures is being developed over at and will be released on an episode by episode basis.   Each episode sees you taking part in an Original Series episode, such as "Arena" or "Devil in the Dark" in the highly popular styles set forward in Star Trek: Judgement Rites and Star Trek: 25th Anniversary.

[img align=right][/img] The game feels highly authentic, and the graphics are also quite impressive for the genre.

All in All - we are all quite impressed with this upcoming fan game, and recommend you all head over to their website and download the demo!

Demo Available Here:

There is also a FAQ Section which answers some of the most common questions at

Hailing Frequency will of course be following the development of this game and seeking interviews with its creators!