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Author Topic: [Elite Force] Freelance mod boldy goes where none have gone before  (Read 5348 times)

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[img align=right][/img]For several months now, a new modification for Star Trek: Elite Force has slowly been drawing the attention of the Elite Force Community.

At first glance, the mod appears to be similar to many others such as Colony 7 for example, which adds a whole new single player campaign and narrative to the game.

However, over the past few months, the mod has gradually been distiguishing itself as something quite unique.  In fact, its now safe to say that this mod has the potential to be one of the biggest and most popular Star Trek mods since Fleet Operations 3 (for Armada 2) or Kobayashi Maru (for Bridge Commander).

The mod is being developed by Griffin Endurance and according to its own website, the mod combines First Person Shooter and RPG elements.  What does this mean exactly?

The mod features non-linear gameplay and a compelling story, take command of your very own starship and face a terrifying foe.

Choose where to go, when and what to do when you get there. Take your place in the center chair and discover a galaxy full of wonders and terrors.

Those of you familair with RPG's should know that they often feature "multiple choice narratives" - Biowares Mass Effect is a perfect example of this.  Star Trek: Freelancer, will feature the same kind of storyline narrative.  You can choose the direction which the storyline takes.

In addition, this mod is doing something else to Elite Force that has never been done before.  Its adding in Space Flight - and if you don't believe us, we dare you to check out the following video:

Star Trek : Freelance (Flight Test Alpha)

Several other videos from Star Trek: Freelance can be found on the Griffin Endurance YouTube channel at

There is no release date currently set for Freelance, however we are watching this one like a hawk, so as soon as there is any news about a potential release date, we will be on it like a Borg Tactical Fusion joke!

For more information on the mod, please check out their official website at
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This looks fracking GREAT!

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this seems me very innovative and great .......
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I demand more! :) good luck buddy!
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