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Author Topic: Upcoming Interview with Bethesda Softworks - Submit your Questions!  (Read 5008 times)

Offline Zach

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Hello Everybody.

I am happy to announce that Hailing Frequency will be conducting an interview with Bethesda Softworks Producer Charles Harribey in the extreme near future.

Mr Harribey has been responsible for overseing the various star trek projects to come out of Bethesda Softworks, and has been Bethesdas Liason with the actual game developers.

In this interview, we will be discussing all aspects of Star Trek Conquest - So i would like to encourage everyone to send in their questions!

This is an oppurtunity for you, the community, to get your questions asked and your voices heard!

Questions can be sent in text or audio format to the following e-mail addresses or alternativly, you can just post them here! - Text Questions - Audio Questions

We look forward to hearing from you all!

Offline Malle

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1. Since Conquest shall mostly likely attract the casual gamer (the main chunk of Wii gamers) to play some mixed arcade/strategy game, what means for modification will be made available for the - let's say - more proficient gamer to change internal functions (such as the effect of movement admirals for example to make it a bit more trekkie since it's quite unusual that an admiral alone - despite possible diligent maintenance and refuel handling and management - can have the effect of a ship moving half-way across the map (on warp 9.9 I assume? the galaxy runs out of antimatter fuel in about 46 minutes at that speed according to canon) while others just move one sector at a time? For the more strategy-focussed (canon) guy, these things need to be adjusted a little so that a charming balance can be achieved (I just assume that there is no balance which appeals to the more arcade-focussed as well as to the strategy-guy either way so you need to make a difference there)! Since it's not PC but console, the only way I could think of to achieve such modification possibility would be to offer 2 different pre-set modes along with the standard default mode so that people can choose difficulty and gameplay balance in the main screen! Or are there other ways?

2. What do you think of Birth of the Federation?
3. How you feel about Fan Games? (i am joking  :gorn2:)
4. Can we expect a ST:Conquest II from your company? (i.e. how long will you keep your license roughly - with regards to the Activision-Viacom-Clash about the early "retirement" of Activision from the franchise; you know what i mean ;)).

Offline stormtroopernoob

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what i want to know is why this is being built for the consoles only and not for the pc.  if this game is like past beth soft games, theres going to be a severe need for improvements from the modding communities.  I myself have a PC and a PS3, i used to have a ps2 and i can tell you how ridiculous it is to connect and STAY connected to a game online, with that being said how is the rest of the world who still have to use these things, gonna be able to download patches/mods if this game is a bust. 

Offline Traynor84

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When making a trek game, how important is the lore when coming up with your story or game designs? Do you work with the people at companies like Paramount that own rights to Star Trek? And How do you deal with fans who seem to know the facts of the story better then the people who originally wrote it? It seems like that would have to be difficult to manage.