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Author Topic: Star Trek VII-XI reviewed (WARNING: BAD WORDS!)  (Read 3262 times)

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Star Trek VII-XI reviewed (WARNING: BAD WORDS!)
« on: 15 September 2010 02:43 PM »
     I recently came to know a website that has reviews for all the TNG movies (Generations thru Nemesis) as well as the recent reboot by J.J. Abrams. These are funny as hell, but they're not for the very young or the faint hearted. They're called "Plinkett Reviews" on Here is the link:

     He tears the TNG movies a new one, but has some good things to say about the remake. I agree with about 95% of what he says, surprisingly. I wasn't expecting such insight. They actually made me think. They're kinda long, but watch them all. They're worth it.

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Re: Star Trek VII-XI reviewed (WARNING: BAD WORDS!)
« Reply #1 on: 15 September 2010 09:08 PM »
I couldn't endorse these reviews enough! Mr. Plinkett's reviews are unbelievably hilarious, and I have been following from the beginning. He really tears into the Star Wars Prequels as well.

I agree almost 99% with him on the TNG movies, every now and then you will catch him in an illogical point, but overall his arguments are valid.