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Author Topic: Star Trek 2012 Leaked Promo Poster???  (Read 4503 times)

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Star Trek 2012 Leaked Promo Poster???
« on: 08 November 2010 04:00 AM »

Promo Poster Leak?
Does this mean, The Venetian Princess, Lady Gaga or the Harajuku Girls will be invading the next Star Trek film?

Well.  When they said they were not going to redo 'The Wrath of Khan'...  ...they were not kidding.

This makes me think about a comment from on what direction the 2012 film should take. 

The gist was, Lady Gaga should be in the next film. Kirk & Spock would save her from the Orion Syndicate.

O.k. Well if that is the case...

...add The Venetian Princess in there too.

This image was posted on:
before anyone jumps to any conclusions about what this Star Trek sequel image/poster/whatever the hell this thing is, Iím quite sure it isnít from Paramount or J.J. Abrams Bad Robot.