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Author Topic: The Closing Of  (Read 4610 times)

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The Closing Of
« on: 23 February 2008 01:07 AM »

With the closing of, we have gotten a massive influx of new users here at the HF boards. First, we would like to welcome you all and encourage you to post here about Star Trek Online.

What we do NOT want is any bashing of They were a large website that served the community well for years, and no one is happy to see them go. If you are looking for somewhere to talk bad about or the folks that worked so hard there for so long, this is NOT the space to do it in.

We are also operating with the assumption that this game will come out. You may not agree with this assumption, and your opinions are welcome, but understand that our view is that the game is simply in a "hibernation mode" while the new developer sorts things out.

Once again, welcome!

Star Trek Online Lives!
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