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Author Topic: [Romulan] D'lata Class Scout/Escort by OpDDay2001 [Backup from STOnet]  (Read 3266 times)

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Design by: OpDDay2001

Starship Name: IRW D'talla (The Great Duty)
Class: D'lata Class (Honorable Death Class)
Departmental Class: Scout/Escort
Alignment & Era: Romulan, Post-TNG

Length: 122m
Beam: 103m
Height: 52m at "Head"; 31m at "Body"
Decks: 10
Crew compliment: 58-106

Cruise Velocity: Warp 8
Cruise Velocity (Cloak): Warp 7
Maximum Velocity:
- Maximum Cruise: Warp 9.7
- Maximum Cruise (Cloak): Warp 7.8
- Maximum Emergency: Warp 9.83 (Causes irreparable damage to the propulsion systems)
- Maximum Emergency (Cloak): Warp 9.82 (Causes irreparable damage to the propulsion systems and cloaking device)

Weapons systems:
- Beam: 2 Disruptor Cannons, Disruptor(/Phaser) Array
- Torpedo Launchers: 1 Plasma Torpedo Launchers
- Special: Claoking Device

Description: The D'lata Class was designed in response to the Federation's Defiant Class vessels. Created using the latest advancements in Romulan design and engineering the D'lata is an efficient and deadly weapon for the Star Empire. Thanks to advancements made by the Ministry of Science, the D'lata contains a stabler singularity in a more secure and smaller containment chamber. This allows the D'lata Class to have speed, and size while still possessing the nessacary strength.

Mission profile: Long-range Scout. Escort Vessel. Stealth and Espoinage Missions.

Purpose within the Romulan Star Empire: The D'lata Class serves as a long-range scout and serving as an escort as well. Though mainly used to support the aging D'deridex Class Warbirds, the D'lata Class occassionally will occassionally escort War Ravens and sometimes Valdore Class Warbirds. It also can be used in small "wolfpack-like" groups.

Purpose within Star Trek Online: Just a rough design for a small ship I think would help flesh out the Romulan fleet a bit. It's a small, and managable enemy vessel that would make a good opponent for "Medium-sized" vessels or a group of "smaller" vessels. It also would make a good design to use if there is a Romulan Expansion.

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The design template is needs more definition though...much more detail.  Looks like a baby D'deridex.