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Author Topic: Infinite Space's Future Looking Shakey!  (Read 3153 times)

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Infinite Space's Future Looking Shakey!
« on: 04 November 2011 07:45 PM »
In a recent press release from GameForge, the publisher behind Star Trek: Infinite Space, it was almost outrightly claimed that Infinite Space had been discontinued or cancelled.    The press release which focuses on GameForge’s recent aquisition of Frogster, contains the following paragraph which casts a rather gloomy shadow on the future of ST:IS

As they focus on their core portfolio, Gameforge and subsidiary Frogster  will create more efficient structures and discontinue products that  have failed to meet growth expectations. This relates to Hellbreed and  Mythos. Gameforge is evaluating the discontinuation of the “Star Trek –  Infinite Space” project and is also currently exploring co-publishing  options.

However, on the official game site at – a news item posted today claims that while the beta test of the game has been postponed, a future release for the game may still be on the tables.  In addition, Keen Games, the development company that is actually working on the game continues to list the game on their website, even though it has vanished from GameForges.

Hailing Frequency has contacted GameForge for a comment or some kind of statement, so hopefully we can get this all cleared up sometime soon!
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