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Author Topic: Dominion Wars can now run on Newer Systems!  (Read 14609 times)

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Dominion Wars can now run on Newer Systems!
« on: 07 November 2011 04:53 PM »

Those of you who remember the Star Trek Gaming hey-day of the late 90's and earlier 00's probably remember the much anticipated game, Star Trek: Dominion Wars from Pan Interactive and Gizmo.

Those of you who got the game also probably remember that it was riddled with issues that pretty much crippled it from running on anything but a very specific hardware and software setup.   If you had Windows XP or above, you pretty much gave up on your dreams of playing this game and now, a decade later, if you told your friends you were trying to get this game working, they would point and laugh at you ironically.

The good news, nay, the FANTASTIC news, is that these days are over.   Thanks to a fantastic community effort, it is now possible to get Dominion Wars working on almost any setup.   Today, I succesfully got the game running both on my Windows 7 x64 laptop (GeForce 540M 2gb Graphics, Quad Core, 6gb RAM) and my Desktop also (AMD Phenom 6-core, 12gb RAM, 2gb GeForce card) - need proof?

How I hear you all asking?  For the answer, go here:

So, this is your perfect chance folks, jump on eBay, purchase an old copy of the game, install the patch as above, and rock on!  Post your screenshots!  If you have any issues, post in the thread above and we'll help how you can!
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