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Author Topic: Enterprise: M.A.C.O for CryEngine3 - Media Release #01  (Read 7088 times)

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Enterprise: M.A.C.O for CryEngine3 - Media Release #01
« on: 15 November 2011 03:25 PM »
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As previously reported, the Enterprise Temporal Cold War modifiation for Half Life 2, which shut-down development in 2010, recently found new life as Enterprise: MACO, which is currently in development for the cutting edge CryEngine3 game engine!

Its a couple of weeks later now, the official MACO website has launched and with it, the very first Media Release for the game!

In the media release, the project leader, Trip Tucker, had the following to say about the storyline for MACO:

Set one year after the events of Season 4, the modification aims to portray the events leading to the Earth-Romulan War in a linear, story-oriented fashion. The story arc itself would be told from the perspective of an operative of  Earth’s elite military organization known as Military Assault Command  Operations, or M.A.C.O. Unlike its predecessor, STE:M aims to follow the  footsteps of the Elite Force FPS-series in these episodes: gameplay  would consist roughly 75% combat and 25% puzzle-solving, sometimes  interrupted by free roam sections during which the player can explore  the titular starship within reasonable bounds.

The full media release contains a tonne of information, several screenshots (which you can see below) and promises of much more!

Interestingly, as this mod is a ressurection of the Temporal Cold War mod, its important to note that this mod is not starting from square one.  Dozens of object and character models, animations, scripts and sound effects have been brought forward from TCW into the new C.E.3 platform, ensuring that MACO gets off to a running start!

In addition, the team is adopting a more realistic and bite-size philosophy with regard to the release of the mod – rather than trying to complete the entire storyline prior to the release of the project, it will be released in one-hour episodes every few months, thus ensuring that the community can play the mod much sooner than might otherwise occur and, hopefully, keeping fans coming back every few months to experience the next episode in the storyline!

We here at Hailing Frequency are excited to see this project resurrected and moving forward with new life, and we cannot wait to play the first episode.

Those of you with a more technical background should note that the team is currently recruiting and seeking help with the project – Character Modellers, Animators and Coders are all beign activly recruited, so if you think you may be able to help, check out the projects recruitment forum at

In the meantime, please visit the projects official website at, sign up on their forums and show your support and most importantly, keep your fingers crossed!
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