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Author Topic: Star Trek Armada: 1.3 Patch Project from FleetOps  (Read 14569 times)

Offline Zach

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Star Trek Armada: 1.3 Patch Project from FleetOps
« on: 30 November 2011 10:18 AM »

The team behind the hit Armada 2 Modification Fleet Ops, recently launched a patch project for the original Star Trek Armada game designed to solve some of the problems that this aged game experiences on newer systems.

Back in September, FleetOps leader, DocaCola, posted the following:

Armada 1 has problems running on newer systems. I was unable to run it  at all so i begun debugging and fixed some of these problems. Besides bug fixing  the patch has two new features for Armada 1. The first is widescreen  (all resolutions) support.

The second feature allows to activate the map editor mode in a ‘live’  game (similar to Armada 2). This can be useful for debugging purposes  (modding) and of course people who ever wanted to command a fleet of  Enterprise Ds in their skirmish games.

The bugs fixed include:

  • Game would not start on some systems with more than 2GB of memory

  • Game could crash on systems with a very long PATH environment variable

You can download the Armada 1.3 patch and get installation instructions, over at the FleetOps website by clicking here

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Re: Star Trek Armada: 1.3 Patch Project from FleetOps
« Reply #1 on: 30 November 2011 09:46 PM »
Funny, my latest computer that I got a few months ago installed Armada 1 ok but won't play the intro to it.

I tried last week to install Armada 2 but it won't go past 'demoshield'. My trick was to transfer the files from another computer and it worked. Game plays fine.

Other then that the only other issue I've ever had was, I had to keep the files in Program file(x86)(x86) for 64bit systems.

But, everything was fixable without any patches.