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Author Topic: Fleet Ops Update: Norway and Excelsior II: Platform Synergizers  (Read 9605 times)

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Fleet Ops for Star Trek Armada have posted a brand new update on their website which itself was recently overhauled!

The Norway is no longer a Support vessel and has instead been converted  into an Allround unit. It comes standard with a beam weapon and a unique  passive: “Remote Controlled Photon Torpedoes”.

The second unit I want to introduce is the Excelsior II. This no-frills  vessel is built straight out of the Eraudi Yard. As in 326, it is  equipped with forward firing Quantum Torpedoes and a Phaser. However, in  our next version, its ability – Guided Quantum Torpedoes – is not  simply an ephemeral effect. Instead, it is toggleable and changes the  Excelsior II to inherit a Platform Profile while active. While active,  Guided Quantum Torpedoes disables the Excelsior II’s phaser and engines,  while greatly boosting the offensive and (automated) guidance  capabilities of its torpedoes.

Find out more at

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Re: Fleet Ops Update: Norway and Excelsior II: Platform Synergizers
« Reply #1 on: 11 November 2012 05:11 PM »
Thanks for the info and Great to see an update!  :startrek012:
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