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Author Topic: USS Solar Empress - Looking for Talent  (Read 2147 times)


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USS Solar Empress - Looking for Talent
« on: 09 April 2014 07:08 PM »

You’re reading this so you must have been signed to one of these groups due to a similar interest in writing or fan fiction of some kind.  You also may have a need for a good sim to be a part of, to help write with, and to grow on.

While I cannot craft something to meet everyone’s definition of ‘good’, I think I have something you may find interesting.

The USS Solar Empress, a Sovereign Class starship, rigged for deep space cruising and ready to take any assignment by the horns and then ride it into submission.

Originally designated as a Mk II Dreadnought variant, the Solar Empress had had many upgrades to propulsion and shielding before the program had been scrapped.  Starfleet, however, had decided not to waste the already committed investment in hardware and time and began deploying her to missions where no standard vessel might go – reasonably or otherwise.
Most of the Solar Empress’s crew were saved from a beachside retirement assignment – for any number of reasons.  Insubordinate, petty theft, hacking, you name it…all of the unsavoury types who would otherwise be cast away have been reclaimed and given a new lease on their careers for the benefit of all.
If this appeals to you, you are welcomed to some sign on, take a role and play your part.  We’re late DS9 / late Movie era themed with a canon core and the ability to break from tradition as needed to make the story our own.

Best Regards,
Capt. Hamilton
CO – USS Solar Empress

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Re: USS Solar Empress - Looking for Talent
« Reply #1 on: 09 April 2014 09:00 PM »
 Welcome to Hailing Frequency Hammy_SE, and for the interesting link to your RP sim. It would appear your Solar Empress is nearing launch.

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