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Author Topic: USS Ragnarok seeks crew for launch !!  (Read 4905 times)

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USS Ragnarok seeks crew for launch !!
« on: 10 May 2013 07:14 AM »
The USS Ragnarok is re launching along with her new Cardassian Captain, Commander Nalter Jerane. After spending time in refit, the ship is ready to take out amongst the stars once again !!

If you have any questions and don't want to post them here, you can contact me at

It is a Nova SIM with a +13 rating.
Check us out here!

Join here !!

Check out the positions below !!!!

Executive Officer
Next to every good Commanding Officer, is a good Executive Officer. Without this, a ship can fall apart at the speed of light. Perhaps one of the most important position on board the ship, the Executive Officer is the vital keystone between the Department Heads and the Commanding Officer. Also charged with safe guarding the lives of everyone else on board, do you have what it takes?


Chief of the Boat
The top enlisted person on board, the Chief of Boat is the hardest working person on the ship. While they ensure that over 800 Enlisted personnel are taken care of and needs are met, they also ensure discipline and training is instilled down to the lowest crewman. The advice and experience are unsurpassed by anyone else on board and is paramount in the success of the Ragnarok.

Chief Flight Control Officer
Any pilot can fly a shuttle, but only the most talented ever get the chance to pilot a star ship. The Ragnarok is no different. The ships massive size and capabilities make it and tried and true test for even the most seasoned veterans. Everyone on board relies upon you to get them to the next destination safe and sound. Holding over 1300 lives in your hands is a big responsibility. Are you up to the task?


Chief Strategic Operations Officer
The Ragnarok is full of smaller craft to compliment its mission scopes and capabilities. Someone has to keep track of the craft and their status, as well as coordinate all traffic around the ship. Along with this, they are charged with developing strategic battle plans and coordinating things into strategic and operational levels. Working with the Air Group Commander and other Senior Flight Officers, the Chief Strategic Operations Officers job at times receives the least recognition, but is quite possibly the most important to the success of the ship.

Cadet Positions\Department
Everyone has to start somehwere, and learn what they may be doing one day in their chosen field. The Ragnarok's extensive facilites and large crew base makes it an excellent place for even the most green of Cadets to learn proficiently and effectively. One day they'll be wearing the same pips as the Officers they are workign side by side with !!

Chief Tactical\Security Officer
Security on such a large ship is a never ending responsibility. Someone has to develop plans and procedures to ensure everything is sealed tight and that even the most determined enemies are met with the fiercest resistance. The Ragnarok needs a solid Officer to ensure these needs are met. Is that person you?


Chief Engineer
If it ain't broke, don't fix it. A ship with more parts, means that there are more things that can break and go wrong. Someone has to coordinate and ensure everything is maintained. On top of that, someone has to come up with the ideas to meet the impossible demands on the ship and provide quick solutions. Are you the Scotty, La Forge, or O'Brien of the Ragnarok?


Chief Operations Officer
With all the power produced by the dual warp core design, it's got to be managed and rationed as necessary. We can't allow Astrometrics to drain power when everything is needed while at maximum warp, or while in the middle of a fight. Re routing past damaged systems and finding alternate solutions is a very important job as well. Do you have the quick fix know how and ingenuity to pull this off?


Chief Intelligence Officer
Working between the shadows and within the light can be difficult for many. Moving from one extreme to another takes someone with the abilities to compartmentalize and separate their individual abilities. Responsible for overseeing the collection, analysis, and dissemination such information that can be absolutely critical to the mission as well as the continued survival of the Federation, the Chief Intelligence Officer on board the Ragnaork has many tools at their disposal and perhaps the most leniency while stepping into the blurred areas of Federation laws and policies.

Star Fighter Group Commander
The CAG (Commander of Air Group) is responsible for all fighters and pilots on board the Ragnarok. They ensure everyone is kept up to the latest standards and mission readiness, and that their training and abilities surpass everyone else. Their tactical and mental capabilities in a fighter are unquestioned and only the best Fighter Pilots ever reach this position. Leading all of these fighter pilots is a job that some have tried, but only a few have succeeded at.


Marine Fighter Wing Commander
Some of the most courageous pilots come from the SFMC. Wanting o always be in the thick of things, and always fighting, the Marine Pilots put in tireless effort to ensure they have the "sharpest teeth" of any fighter pilot out there. There are 2 Marine Fighter Wings to Command, are you the one to lead either of them ??!!


Marine Battalion Commander
When standard Away Teams aren't enough, you call the Marines! For the big jobs, you need a Marine Battalion. That Battalion needs a strong Commander with a tough as nails attitude and someone that demands the absolute best of their Marines!! Someone has to run the show, and that someone could be you !!

Battalion XO, Sergeant Major, and Staff positions are available as well!!

Marine Company Commander
The Company Commander is on the front lines with their troops, and having 3 Companies of Marines on board, all of them need a strong leader. The question is, are you going to lead a Marine Rifle Company, a Marine Engineer\Explosives Company, or a Marine Scout Company. The choice is yours !!!!

Platoon Commander, Sergeants, and lower Enlisted ranks are open too!!

Chief Medical Officer
On such a busy ship and with all the possible fighting that can happen, someone with precise medical expertise and professionalism is required. The Chief Medical Officer is responsible for the health of everyone on board and provides years of experience and dedication to help treat and heal those that may need it. First do no harm !!

All other Medical positions need filled also !!

Diplomatic Detachment
While a strong fist will get you far, a sly tongue will get you even farther. Instead of using brute force and sheer destruction, a Diplomat is a finely tuned sociologist, and expert negotiator. The words spoken are of skilled precision and subtle coercion. While knowing customs and courtesies of several races and governments, they are the absolute subject matter experts that can make or break any conversation at the table.

Foreign Diplomatic Detachment
While the Federation holds interest in many things around the Alpha Quadrant, so do other races and Governments. The Romulans, Klingons, Cardassians, and other governments have taken a much stronger interest in recent years and have more so required first hand knowledge of everything as told by their own officers. As a show of good faith, the Federation has allowed limited numbers of Diplomatic Officers from these governments to spend time on board Star Fleet vessels in the agreement of exchanging information otherwise impossible to get. If you hold interests for bettering another Empire other than the Federation, then this is for you !!

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Re: USS Ragnarok seeks crew for launch !!
« Reply #1 on: 23 February 2015 08:37 AM »
I was waiting for a reply Your like