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Author Topic: Loading Screens or a Completly Seamless Universe.  (Read 10890 times)

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Re: Loading Screens or a Completly Seamless Universe.
« Reply #20 on: 23 May 2008 09:20 PM »
Perhaps more and more MMOs will "go to commercial" in the future... perhaps you could even offer free or discounted accounts to people who wanted their loading screens to "go to commercial..." that actually sounds kinda cool in a way.

But in all seriousness, I think that Procedural generation is kind of the way to go for ST:O... even before I knew what Procedural Generation was.  I would suggest that the STO Dev team develop all the assets that the plug into their ProceduralGen system, but that some kind of AI should be used to create billions of unexplored planets for all these players.

That said, loading assets takes time, even if you aren't "loading" their arrangement, and as such, I would suggest that minor loading times would still exist, but be small enough to be coverable by those ten second transitions.  I would suggest animated loading screens over mini-instances, because, in theory, you can carry memory-heavy stuff (including other players) with you into your mini instance, ruining its effectiveness as a loading screen.  Much better to stick with some tried and true animations.  Of course, vary them, but I don't think a ten second shuttlecraft sequence, or teleportation sequence will really ruffle to many feathers, especially if the clip comes from the actual show (or SFX team behind ST).

The other GREAT comment was "Massive Environment vs Detailed Environment" to which I say: both.  Or if that sounds too good to be true: Balance.  Obviously, space is massive... and undetailed. Obviously, the vast majority of cities and towns (or used sections) of visited ST planets are small... and can contain great detail.  And you transition between them.  Sounds like a great plan, to me.  I'm not sure that we have to pick between detail and size for the whole game, just for various environments, or at worst, separately for the ship, for planets and for space.
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Re: Loading Screens or a Completly Seamless Universe.
« Reply #21 on: 23 May 2008 09:27 PM »
Definately no loading screens!