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Author Topic: Enterprise Temporal Cold War (A Mod for Half Life 2)  (Read 3943 times)

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Enterprise Temporal Cold War (A Mod for Half Life 2)
« on: 15 October 2006 10:22 PM »

Enterprise - Temporal Cold War is a fan mod based on Gene Roddenberry's "STAR TREK" Enterprise series. It will include the main characters from the series "Enterprise" and you will play the part of either an Ensign or one of the actual characters from the series (This has not been finalized as yet)

Enterprise - Temporal Cold War will be, what is called, a "total conversion". We may use some of the existing textures for simple objects such as rocks etc, but due to the type of game this will turn out to be, we will produce 99% of the content from scratch. This will include everything from the character models, the space craft themselves, right down to the communicators they use and the props laying around the place.

Hailing Frequency will be covering in full the development of Temporal Cold War in the future - we are also working to get access to beta versions so that we can bring you the latest First Hand.

In the very near future, Hailing Frequency will be interviewing Captain Source, who is the lead developer on this project.

Hailing Frequency is also now hosting a gallery of all the Temporal Cold War Material Released thus far, Check it out at;cat=5

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