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Author Topic: Star Trek Discovery  (Read 5336 times)

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Star Trek Discovery
« on: 09 October 2017 09:28 AM »
 Discovery is now past its fourth episode: "The Butcher’s Knife Cares Not for the Lamb’s Cry”.

 We have seen the 'new' Klingon physiology, the 'new' USS Discovery, and the 'old' lens flare of the JJ-Verse Kelvin timeline.

 And already, 3 of the Discovery character's have been incorporated into the Star Trek Timelines game:
 Desert Philippa Georgiou (Command and Diplomacy skills);
 Lieutenant-Commander Saru ( Command and Science skills);
 T'Kuvma (Command and Security skills).
  Also, Saru is available as First Officer Saru (Command and Science skills - up to 4-star).

 So, first I would like to point out that personally, having watched The Man Trap first air on television in '66, that I am in no way a fan of the Kelvin timeline ... even though I did like the premise of new Star Trek. Having said that, I see Discovery as a continuation of the TOS timeline universe, and look forward to seeing what CBS can do to keep the fan base excited for more.
 And they (CBS) will have to do a lot, as the show is available only on CBS All Access in the USA, and a day later on Netflix most everywhere else.

 Being Canadian, I get it free on Space Channel here in the Great White North.  :startrek078: :startrek078:

 So feel free to add your thoughts on the new series ... its fast incorporation into Timelines ... and if you *sigh* prefer Kelvin to TOS/TNG/DS9 timelines.
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Re: Star Trek Discovery
« Reply #1 on: 07 November 2017 09:30 PM »
I am really enjoying it. A couple of shakey episodes but the past two weeks have been fantastic!!