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Author Topic: Proposal to All Fleets / Guilds For a United Federation  (Read 13089 times)

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Re: Proposal to All Fleets / Guilds For a United Federation
« Reply #10 on: 18 March 2008 09:48 AM »
I love this proposal. I think it could be a great way to move forward and bring the community together.
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Re: Proposal to All Fleets / Guilds For a United Federation
« Reply #11 on: 18 March 2008 11:13 PM »
Thhis has been done to death over the past decade and a half...

United Federation of Guilds 1998 ~ 1999

Bridge Commander Council 2001 ~ 2002

Bridge Commander Council II (split) 2001 ~ 2003

United Federation of Gamers 2000 ~ 2001

United Clan Council (split) 2001 ~ 2002

United Federation of Clans 2004 ~ 2005

Federation of Guilds 1999 ~ 2003

Federation of Gaming Clans (split) 2002 ~ 2004

Trekkin Clan Association 2003 ~ 2005

Association of Star Trek Fleets and Guilds (split) 2002 ~ 2005

etc etc etc etc...

All is fine and well and it looks good on paper/forums that "we want to bring the community together however it wont cant work.  When some of the larger clans out there (who will never join any kind of smurfy federation peace flowers on the wall type group) see's any group or collection of smaller clans get together they usually declare war on any clan they want to thats in the group.  A collection of 10 or 20 small 5 or 6 man clans up against even ONE of the older clans like Red Squadrons (with its 150+ memberbase) or GK (with its 100+ memberbase) or one of the other 100+ clans out there still playing trek games will not recognise any kind of loose association or formal declaration of a "United Clan Federation".

This isnt starfleet...this is PC GAMING.  Then of course your mere name alone will insult the klingon, romulan and borg based major fleets since they wont want to come under the umbrella of a federation based clan system and while you are all sitting around voting on who should do what and who you should let in the larger fleets will simply be in game, picking you by one.

Been there, wore the t-shirt, seen the collapse of over 20 major and minor clan associations and all of them held the same pattern, one major fleet goes to war with your federation of clans and the whole deck of cards crumbles.

Thats why in the almost 10 years of STG being the top site for clans and fleets to go to we have never got involved in any kind of fleet's usually STG that has to deal with the aftermath as I usually get used as an intermediary for the clan council handing their resignation and surrender to one of the larger fleets.

For this to work your gonna have to get someone whom the major fleets know and are neutral with...and it sure as hell aint gonna be me, been down that road before as well....

Sorry for sounding harsh, but ive seen whole clan councils wiped out within 24 hours of a declaration of war with one of the larger fleets, and usually Red Squadrons is involved.  When the wear is finished the dont just demand a surrender, they demand the absolute and complete closure of the council...and if you refuse they continue to hound and harrass players in game in fair matches until ya cant go anywhere in a Star Trek game without seeing a warrning large fleet tag.

Victor1st - Founder/Admin

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Re: Proposal to All Fleets / Guilds For a United Federation
« Reply #12 on: 18 March 2008 11:50 PM »

I can see and understand you many concerns, to that I would like to discuss with you some of benefits/failures that past organizations have been dealt with this regard in addition I would also like to pass some key concepts across to you and get your outside opinion.

Overall however what I am proposing is not peace and harmony by any means its actually at its core the exact opposite, which I believe would appeal to the masses much more then a cooperation of sorts.

with that said if you have Skype please feel free to call me my screen name lrdnova

I would appreciate your feed back in that matter that would allow me to address serious hurdles that should be discussed in the pursuit of this venture.

Thank you


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Re: Proposal to All Fleets / Guilds For a United Federation
« Reply #13 on: 28 March 2008 05:27 AM »
I think its a great idea. I would love to hear more about it. :muaha:
Incidently I RP (even when I play FPS's) as a Klingon and I dont see a problem myself.
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Re: Proposal to All Fleets / Guilds For a United Federation
« Reply #14 on: 28 March 2008 12:18 PM »
Thats good to hear,

We will also be scheduling Individual Battles for people who are not part of anyone Fleet, so those Individuals will have an opertunity to participate as a Independent.

What I envision is at the end of the HF tournaments the best of each team from the Fleet and the best individuals are draft picked to form the Hailing Frequency All Stars, and if we can get further community support, I would like to see that team go up against the best that other ST gaming sites can muster.

again just my vision how it works out in the charter will be determined by a group of people. We would be nice to get 1 or 2 more Fleets to dedicate themselves to this ideal.

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Re: Proposal to All Fleets / Guilds For a United Federation
« Reply #15 on: 12 April 2008 09:49 PM »
Today Lotus Fleet Launches its first gaming server, that is dedicated to Star Trek Bridge Commander.

Individuals interested in playing on this server will need to download and install

BC Patch 1.1
Kobeyashi Maru 1.0

The server its self will host 12 players simultaneously and takes place on the "space" map, where individuals can choose from a multitude of Federation, Klingson, Romulan, and among many other ships seen in the Star Trek series and movies.

In addition Lotus Fleet will be hosting Various events from this server in the near future.

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Re: Proposal to All Fleets / Guilds For a United Federation
« Reply #16 on: 01 May 2008 09:14 PM »
As many of you may have noticed overall activity as of late in the star trek gaming community has been slowly declining. I would like to reitterate that this proposal still stands if only as a place holder until star trek content begins to raise the interests of fans again. Normally I am not the type of person that dictates policy to other Fleet Admirals however I would like to remind all of the Fleet CO's out there that it is our responsibility as well as our command staffs responsibility to ensure that we maintain a certain level of activeness in our Fleets.

What I am concerned about not only in my own staff but with the community as a whole is that Star Trek Gaming is hinging on release of STO information thereby creating a feeling that if there is not information about STO then its some how okay to simply fall off and reduce the level of activity being offered by Fleets as well as Activity being given by fleet members.

Most of the older fleets that have existed not only in the gaming community but as well as the Star Trek fan community as a whole have existed with the purpose of creating an environment that is rich in star trek content and activity. All of which did not hinge on a single game release.

Currently there is a plethora of active Star Trek games that involve multi player interactivity as well as other forms of member based activity. So I would encourage any our communities Fleets leaders to use this opportunity offered here to not necessarily insight a cooperative of resources among Fleets but rather offer an area where Fleet activities can begin to flourish in preparation of STO and other future Star Trek games as a result it may seem as though we are creating a structured conflict that will allow our individual fleet members to become excited and engaged with each of their Fleets success and failures as we do battle in these multi player environments.

I would like to propose that as soon as the UFF Charter has been agreed upon shortly there after those charter member fleets will now be in a position to host battle rich environments in a structured manner that will in all likeness be captured here at HF for all to see!

Fleet Admiral Nova
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Lotus Fleet 

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Re: Proposal to All Fleets / Guilds For a United Federation
« Reply #17 on: 02 May 2008 02:48 AM »
Hear Hear! BC anyone? :Constitution: :photon: :supernova:

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Re: Proposal to All Fleets / Guilds For a United Federation
« Reply #18 on: 05 May 2008 09:03 AM »
The United Federation of Planets has discussed this for quite a while now and have come to the decision of petitioning for entry as a Charter Member of the UFF.
By approval of the Council of Admirals i have been authorized to represent the federation in these matters.

- Admiral Alexraptor, 3rd seat, Council of Admirals

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Re: Proposal to All Fleets / Guilds For a United Federation
« Reply #19 on: 05 May 2008 01:12 PM »
[UFP] thank you for you submission. With the introduction of your Fleet into this Federation of Fleets we will only be accepting 1 more Fleet as a Charter Members.

Again thank you again.

Incoming Transmission - Hailing Frequency's Open

Note: This Proposal to all Fleets within The Community and at Hailing Frequency will act as pre-curser to follow on discussions in a effort to form a United Federation of Fleets

To: All Star Trek Gaming/Role Playing Fleets resident at Hailing Frequency
CC: Other Star Trek Gaming Sites interested in taking part and co-ordinating in events originating from this proposal at Hailing Frequency
Subject: Proposal for a United Federation of Fleets

What Is the United Federation of Fleets?

The United Federation of Fleets (referred to hereafter as UFF) is a concept similar in principle to the United Federation of Planets that was represented within Star Trek.

Star Trek Gaming Clans and Websites will join together within one alliance to promote peace and cooperation in the world of Star Trek Gaming.

Similar to the United Federation of Planets, resources and members could be shared between member Fleets. Rank and Positions would be recognized throughout the entire UFF, however, the internal processes and policies of each member will remain independent to each of the Member Fleets.

Key Points

  • Star Trek Clans and Guilds will unite in one alliance to form an entity made up of many smaller guilds
  • Member Guilds will need to meet the minimum criteria of the UFF in order to be accepted as a member
  • If an independent clan wishes to declare war on a member clan of the UFF, it would be the entire UFF that is responsible for assisting in the     
    defense of that clan.
  • In times of peace, friendly war games and exercises would be regularly scheduled within the UFF.
  • The UFF would then share resources to prepare for Tournaments between member UFF Fleets. At which point Following Championships
    would be held against other Fleets from other Fan Communities.
  • The Creation of the United Federation of Fleets Academy An internal education system whereby members can take courses and classes
    that have both in game and real world relevance.
  • The internal process of each member clan/guild will not be interfered with unless it is determined that these processes are in violation of the Federation Charter.
  • The Hailing Frequency Forums will serve as the home for this effort, with UFF Forums to be launched as soon as the charter is agreed upon.
  • A network of dedicated and permanent game servers will be setup, starting with the launch of a dedicated Bridge Commander server, with Elite Force, Starfleet Command, and other popular Trek Games Following Soon.


To realize a new era in Star Trek Gaming and encourage a peaceful unification for the benefit of Star Trek Gaming as a whole.

Star Trek Gaming Clans have notoriously been very hostile towards one another in the past we want to change this and truly realize the ideals of Gene Rodenberry and Star Trek Gaming.


At least three charter guilds to sign up to the Federation and assist in the creation of the Federation Charter.

Follow-on member guilds/fleets must meet all of the following criteria for consideration into the UFF
  • Fleet must have some type of communication medium in order to facilitate mass communication needs to the Fleet (I.E: Team speak/ Ventrillo/ Alternative VOIP, Email, Chat room.)
  • Fleet must have a Website that represents its individual operation and will maintain itself as a sovereign entity.
  • A minimum of 5 members is required.

Register Your Clan or Websites Interest

If you are interested, in principle in signing to be a part of the UFF, or wish to find out more information and details and ask any questions, please, visit


The idea behind the United Federation of Fleets (and Websites) is to encourage the peaceful co-operation between Star Trek Fleets, Guilds, and Websites on a level that has never before been seen.

Coming together under a Federation will allow trek gamers to realise the ideals of Star Trek in a way that has not been possible before, and furthermore, will allow increased fun in gaming, as in-cooperation, there will always be games servers and Federation Members online, at all times, from around the world.

This is in no way designed to infringe on the individual rights of member clans or websites.

We say - Why must rivalry and hostile competition exist between Fleets, Guilds or Websites when we can all work together to have a better time!

Ultimatly, we just want to have fun, and this represents a way to do it that has never been done before!

End Transmission

Confirmed for membership to the UFF:

Aries Fleet
Hailing Frequency
Lotus Fleet
United Federation of Planets [UFP]