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Author Topic: Arg...Already 'warned' on!  (Read 1459 times)

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Arg...Already 'warned' on!
« on: 23 May 2008 09:53 AM »
Man...I do not even think it has been 24 hours and I have been officially 'warned' on!

Yikes!  A thousand pardons!

Are ya thinkin', "Jeez, Kinn! What did you do that was so bad!?"

Well. I was suggesting ways to do something with SFC4 after they create their masterwork and release it to all of us for free.

Suggestions like: Contact D.A.R.P.A. for long term funding, Contacting J.J. Abrams 'Bad Robot' about getting SFC4 as THE game for the combat heavy movie.

Ultimately to have enough support and funding to continue developing R&D for SFC.

Maybe even be able to compete for the right to do Star Trek:Online their way with SFC combat!  Yehaw!

I must have not made myself clear.   They seem to think I was saying: Charge folks a subscription NOW and charge them for SFC4.

I don't believe I ever said anything like that. 

I bowed at their feet when I heard the news and said :"Something in me 'still' wants to pay you"

Since before SFC3 I supported subscription fees for Dynaverse so they would have what they needed.  It was not and has never been supported.

What has been lost? R&D profits from as low as 8 million to over 100 million and beyond.

They would not consider our money as OUR LOVE of SFC too and now here we are...STILL waiting for a masterwork SFC, Dynaverse...and a SFC-esque MMO.

So hmmmm.

It was also suggested I must be an investor looking for ways to profit from this myself.  :huh:...and to go play EVE (who can already do shardless, and is doing HUBS soon btw). 

I don't mind the warning...much. ( add edit Kinneas.  The warning has been dropped. All is well.  Just a misunderstanding ).

I just wish they would have just read a bit more clearly, and after all these years...understood.

That after all this time, they would finally have started to get the idea that (with their love) they have killed our hopes that THEY have whatever they need to have been the ones to pioneer a Star Trek MMO. :ilovestartrek:

You don't become the Kings of Star Trek with love alone, my friends.

We have tried showing you the love... and still will.


add edit: Ya know. (i'm guessing) These great people at probably had NO say early on if there could be a subscription fee.  If there has to be blame it has to be on those who would not allow subscriptions.  I understand that after the time Taldren went bankrupt they could not charge a subscription ( I am guessing) so I can not blame them for being amazing and keeping SFC alive.  They are miracle workers in that regard and since I saw the very first things they did to SFC I have been in awe.

Yet now that they 'seem' to have come to a friendly partnership with CBS...and with subscription fees now a norm...I had some hope for a much BIGGER future for those folks in Star Trek gaming.
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Re: Arg...Already 'warned' on!
« Reply #1 on: 23 May 2008 09:40 PM »
Wow...a misunderstanding leading to a warning to a warning retracted...craziness.  Don't be too aggressive in your desire to help them!  Since you've already made contact, just let it be known that they have support from fans and we are willing to help them if they need it. 

That's great though that you've already been in touch with these folks.