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Author Topic: Server Payment Due, Funds Needed  (Read 1711 times)

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Server Payment Due, Funds Needed
« on: 02 December 2006 10:03 PM »

Hailing Frequencys server payment is due again, and we once more find ourselves unable to cover the payment. Severe difficulties in our financial lifes have resulted in maxed out bank accounts and overdrafts, and, unless there is a miracle, the server will go down.

On top of this, both me and Kinneas are having serious computer problems lately, and its looking like our computers are on the verge of failing, which would mean no new podcasts for at least a month.

Our warp core is failing, main power is offline, secondary systems are failing, and life support is on the verge of going offline.

We call upon the kind souls in the community to donate any funds you can spare to help us pay for our servers, and possibly try and get some critical systems back online.

Paypal Address:

Recently we implemented google ads on the website and forums, however it is going to be at least 2 months before they will send out any funds, although the ads are generating a decent amount through your clicks, in the short term it does not help us.

If anyone would like to donate through another means, for example cheque or wire transfer, please PM me for information on how this can be accomplished.

Many Thanks

Zach Nicodemous,  Tony Tuthill (Kinneas),  Stocker Brown (Dr Photon),  Marc XxXxX (Croesus)