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Author Topic: Star Trek: Frontier Fleet. A quality Star Trek play-by-email game.  (Read 2081 times)

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Hello people on Hailing Frequency,

The Hailing Frequency show is absolutely great. We hope that you will continue promoting the world of Star Trek Games and wish you success with broadcasting.

Frontier Fleet also has its own Podcast, called Frontier Broadcasting. You can hear background stories and news about Frontier Fleet. Listen here:

About our game:
Star Trek: Frontier Fleet is a Star Trek PBeM, set to explore the amazingly diverse area of space that Voyager and DS9 have introduced us to. Our main mission: to expand the Federation's territory by exploration.

In the year 2000 Frontier Fleet was created by players with extensive experience. Now we have five dutystations, who could all use determined crew.

There are:
USS Calhoun, with their sister station in the Delta Quadrant.
USS Odyssey, exploring the Federation borders.
USS Valkyrie, the ship of misfits.
USS Atlantis, exploring the Gamma Quadrant.
Pandora Station, where research and adventure go hand in hand.

Our dutystations have recently been re-fitted with new experimental transwarp engines (except Pandora Station). The entire universe is open for exploration. Dare you explore with us these unknown parts of space? Do you want to make each day count? Join today!!

Roleplaying experience is not required. We have our own Starfleet Academy to teach you how to roleplay in our game. Join us now, while we're exploring the galaxy at transwarp speed!

Have a look at our website:

Kind regards,
Rob Verlinden
Public Relations officer