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Title: [Runner Up] Tyrannos
Post by: Zach on 12 January 2010 03:20 PM
Science:   Captain, detecting faint energy readings from the northern continent.

Captain:   Is it Borg?

Science:  Negative, Captain.    The readings appear to be emanating from some ruins from the Northern Continent.   Judging from the sensors, it appears to be a couple of hundred thousand years old.

Captain:    Number One, gather together an away team and beam down.   I want to know what's in those ruins.

First Officer:  Aye, Capt'n.

Science:   Sir, the away team has beamed down to the surface and reports no signs of the Borg.

Captain:   Keep a transporter lock on them.   If the Borg return, I want to get out of here quickly.

Transporter Chief:   Aye, Captain!

Ops:   Away team reporting in, sir.

Captain:  On Screen!

First Officer:   Captain, we have reached the ruins.   It appears that they are Iconian.

Captain:  Iconian? 

First Officer:   It appears the Borg came here looking for something.   My guess is that they learned about the Iconian portal technology and attempted to reactivate it.   But it was too complex for them.  Perhaps they were using it to bypass Starfleet Defenses and attempt another invasion of the Earth?

Captain:   Very Possible.   

Science:   Captain, the interference from the 11th planet is fading.  I'm detecting a temporal signature. 

Tactical:   Perhaps they are attempting to travel back in time to assimilate the Iconians?


Helm:    If that's the case, then shouldn't we have been affected by the timeline.


Captain:    Let's not think on that too deeply, Lieutenant.    Your head is likely to blow just thinking about possible paradoxes.     Commander, return to the ship.


All hands, Red Alert!


Helm, as soon as the away team is aboard, set course for the 11th planet.    And contact Starfleet and inform them of our situation.


Helm:  Away team is aboard, Captain.


Captain:    All ahead, Warp 7!


Helm:  Approaching Temporal Contact.


Science:   Captain, it appears the temporal conduit is still intact.    Perhaps the Borg plan to use it to return to the present?

Captain:    Possibly, we will have to close it before that happens.     All hands, prepare to enter the conduit.   Secure stations.

Ops:   All stations report ready.

Captain:   Okay, one quarter impulse.   

Helm:   Entering temporal conduit.

Captain:   Stay alert!   We may be jumped as soon as we exit!

Helm:    Exiting the conduit.

Tactical:    No Borg ships in immediate area.

Science:    Computers calculating position.  That's odd.

Captain:  What, Commander?

Science:  Readings indicate that we are indeed 200,000 years in the past, but we are no longer in the same planetary system we were in.   It appears we are now in the Iconian homeworld system.

First Officer:   Interesting.

Tactical:   Captain!   Sensors detect Borg signatures around the Iconian homeworld.

Captain:    Set course!

Science:    Captain, it appears that the Iconians are putting up quite the fight, seems several Borg ships have been destroyed.   But the Iconians also took quite a toll as well.   The planet has taken a severe beating by the Borg attack.   It's doubtful their biosphere can no longer support them.

Ops:    Never expected that it was the Borg who ended the Iconians.

Tactical:  All Borg ships have been destroyed.   

Science:   Lifeform count is quickly disappearing.

Captain:   Guess they are using the portals like history indicated.     Well that could explain why the timeline wasn't altered.   It was a predestination.  Well, lets head back to the temporal portal and close it.   Prepare a High Yield Photon Spread.

Helm:  Entering Conduit.

Captain:   Fire!

Science:   Conduit collapsing!

Helm:    Were clear, sir.   No damage reported.

Captain:    Stand down from Red Alert.    Contact Starfleet and appraise them of our situation.   I got the feeling that the Borg have yet given up attacking Earth.