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Title: Infinite Space - Cancellation Update
Post by: Zach on 05 November 2011 01:51 PM

In an article posted on Gamasutra, it has been revealed that while Infinite Space has NOT been cancelled, they are considering shutting down development of Star Trek: Infinite Space if they cannot find a co-publisher.

This means that there is still a small chance that the game may survive and one day be released.   With CBS heavily backing the game, it is possible that they may assist in locating a co-publisher for the game.  One possible contender for a partnership could be Zynga, where former exeutive producer of Star Trek Online, Dan Stahl, recently became a staff member.  Zynga is a large and well-loved developer and publisher of online and social games in the United States.  This is just speculation of course.

All things considered however, its logical to conclude that CBS would not want to see this project die, so there is some hope to be had, however small it may be.

Title: Re: Infinite Space - Cancellation Update
Post by: BLZBUB on 05 November 2011 10:51 PM
 I really hope they find a co-publisher.

Funny comment posts to that Gamasutra article. 4 responses, all companies looking to hire the laid off people of GameForge. Of note, post # 3 by John Ptucha:

Cryptic Studios is hiring--hopefully we could place some talented folks who were affected: http://crypticstudios.com/openings (http://crypticstudios.com/openings)

Title: Re: Infinite Space - Cancellation Update
Post by: Tevesbristle on 01 July 2015 08:25 AM
Yes, it was very good tunes.